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In general, we are looking for more than a job description. There are plenty of places which have such descriptions on the web. Instead, we are more interested in how you feel about your job and what motivates you to keep doing it. Be honest and don’t be afraid to say that you hate your job but need the money as there are millions of others who feel the same. Then again, don’t be afraid to say that you have the best job in the world as maybe it will help some other poor soul and it always pays to count your blessings.

We are especially interested in stories that have something to do with your personal values, as we hope to publish a collection of stories, centered on this value perspective, at some point.

As well, don’t feel that you have to limit it to just your job. Use your job as a starting point, but it is you and your “story” that is really interesting and so feel free to add detail about your old job, your family, or anything you feel is relevant. There is no need to use real names or real company names, so feel free to be truly open, honest, and perhaps even brutal (ie. I’m surrounded by idiots).  We will often edit out anything that we think could get someone into trouble such as personal contact details, as that is certainly not our goal.

Write your response in the first person (I did..I am…) and make it conversational… this isn’t a term paper and so feel free to use slang, bad english, etc.

By sending this, you are giving us permission to use your thoughts in our projects including but not limited to a book, movie, column, website, etc.

Stories are moderated and edited, mainly for readability and to remove personal details.  Spam won’t be published, so why bother trying.  Stories of any length are welcome, but we do need something substantial to publish, so generally stories need to be at least 200 words and stories of 500-1500 words are even better.

We do not know who you are. Please supply your name and email address. Alternatively you can log in if you have a user account or register for a user account if you do not have one.

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