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The Truth about Crew Members at McDonalds

Im 17, I have worked at a Mcdonalds restaurant for 3 years now and will be leaving at the end of high School career to do construction. I would like to give you info about people that work there and managers and what customers expect of us and our Supervisors and Store Managers.
First off, we [...]


Working as Shift Manager at McDonalds Sucks

My job at McDonalds was Shift Manager. I was only getting paid $8.50 an hour even though I had been working there for 4 years.
The Store Manager and her supervisor are hypocrites. They tell you to do one thing and then when you do what they say, they get mad at you and [...]


Working at Chase Bank Will Drive You Crazy

I strongly advise against working for this bank! ¬†They are so unorganized it’s ridiculous, and its always the bottom of the barrel employees like me who get in shit for everyone else’s mistakes, deficiencies, laziness. I’m going to touch on several problems they have.
Here is what to expect with a job interview with them.  Expect [...]