The New Generation RN’s are a Bit Sociopaths

As told by a former CNA:
I’ve never in my life seen such a dysfunctional career setting as the Nursing profession. What a disgrace and cry for help!! What has happened to this profession? When I was growing up, I remember going into hospitals to visit relatives, friends, etc. and seeing these women, GROWN ADULT women [...]


The Good, the Bad, the Ugly at McDonald’s Store Australia

I’ve worked at a very busy McDonald’s store in Australia for around a year and a half. In my time there I’ve certainly seen the good, the bad and, not surprisingly, the ugly.
Of course you have the perils of horrible customers, a far from glamourous working environment and the regular insults to your intelligence from [...]


Audio Engineer, Voice-Over Artist…..Silently Yours

I record voice-overs for various applications, IVRs,Promos,Documentaries, I used to do sound for films too, but that was ages ago. I started on Audio in 1980. Before that I was a Bio Sciences dropout, who barely managed to get a Bachelor’s degree in Science,eventually, followed by a specialisation Diploma in Sound recording and Sound Engineering [...]