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Forgettable Experiences Working at a New Zealand Security Company

I have been working for an undisclosed security company in New Zealand for approximately one year. From my time working in security I have found there is serious breach of basic human rights, breaks, holiday entitlements and sick leave. Additionally, there is a large amount of favouritism that arises from working in security.
In New Zealand [...]


Realistic Tales of an American Dreamer

Well I just finished reading all the comments on the nursing profession and I can totally relate to how they are treated like shit, and then when they complain about it people give them trite bs replies like “just find another job” ┬áCome the fuck on, there are no jobs!
I wanted to tell my story [...]


Xmas Furniture sales job…..don’t trust us.

I used to work for MFI as a salesman. I wasn’t allowed to sell kitchen because it was too valuable to the business so I sold furniture and bits and bobs. It was just over Christmas….everybody goes down there for Christmas because they need extra stuff and I got the job somehow.
These people, [...]