Marketing broadcast equipment…..If it were always fun, you would not get a paycheck

We manufacture broadcast equipment. I manage a marketing team and a distribution team…international distribution.
I stumbled into it. I started off with a contract writing manuals and it just went from there. I was working freelance and making a good salary, but I didn’t have to work hard to get projects and I [...]


Corrections Officer….disabled and at odds with the State of Nevada.

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Application trainer….Paid travelling for 49 weeks a year

They actually paid me full time to travel around Europe and the Middle East to do trainings….Application trainings…Which meant I got to go to all these great places like Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Israel…hotels on the beach…everything paid for…nice hotels….

Trainings which meant it was quite easy as once you get used to it, you know [...]


Management that should never have been conceived.

I managed a project which I didn’t manage. Basically, I was managing a project that was completely being managed and being prepared to be sent out to England, but they weren’t telling anybody in Munich. So basically I was hiring people and they were planning to move the whole project to the UK [...]


Financial Analyst in London…..Company man.

I’m a financial analyst for a large company. I worked for them before I graduated University and then I took the job full time. I was attracted to the opportunity to learn, travel, work for a good company. I’ve been doing it for 2 and a half years. I absolutely like [...]


Sanding for Londons Nouveau riche

I was painting and decorating…but in practice, all I did was sanding down. It was very boring and I only did it for 6 days. All I did was sanding down…On the first day I came home with sanded down finger tips and realized that I needed a better pair of gloves.

I tried [...]


Project Manager…..waiting for my toy boy.

I work as a project coordinator and I like to coordinate, but when I coordinate the same things all the time it gets a bit boring and so I’d like to change to a new job. And I’d like first to change into a new job in another country because it is more [...]


Civil Lawyer…38 years giving criminals a chance.

I like my job. I’ve worked at this Job 38 years. I’m a lawyer here in Munich. I work with civil law. I work for the government.

I got the job after school….38 years ago.

I like that I work with people every day. Lot of problems you can help…you can help [...]


Assistance at a large company….what does that mean

I worked for a fairly large conglomerate in Munich, Germany doing marketing and
assistance. Assistance is basically doing shit…organizing meetings…no, I didn’t make
coffee. I refused to make coffee.
Before this job, I studied and I took the job because it paid well. I’ve been doing it
for 2 years and I kept doing it because it paid well [...]


Computer contractor….good pay, but I want to do something more worthwhile

Where should I start?…well, I’m really not employed at the moment, but my last job was as a contractor working in Munich, Germany. I worked for a really large computer company there helping to troubleshoot problems with their Electronic Commerce systems. I must say that it was a rather nice job in a lot of [...]