creative jobs

Car Designer Career……enjoying tinkering.

I design cars in the UK. I’ve been doing this for 7-8 years now. I did the degree in Scotland and moved on from there. Every since I was a little kid, I liked cars and things like that. I saw the ad in the newspaper, interviewed, and got the job.
Day [...]


Clown…..die penniless and happy

What’s my Job? Easy. I’m a Clown. I’m a
Clown. I say it twice ’cause everyone always says
“You’re a what????”.
I work in Ireland and have been doing Clowning for 6
years full time.
Before this I did some God AWFULL Jobs.
I went to McD’s after college and was promoted after
5 months to management. It wasn’t really difficult
to get [...]


Graphic Designer….doing what I want to do.

By title, I’m a graphic designer…it’s a generic title….Creative
services is one aspect of what I do. The job title is to initiate, design and then produce
a deliverable product to a playing client….or a service…I do this in New York, with
occasional trips. The quality of work varies from simple on screen presentations to
elaborate print media to [...]