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Bakery Assistant also known as Bakery Cleaner

My job is the Bakery Assistant in the afternoon. That really just translates to the bakery cleaner… because everyone knows there is no bread baked in the afternoons (at least in grocery stores anyway). Before this job I was working in the grocery department of the same supermarket, but due to being a full time [...]


Startup Development

We specialize in bringing good ideas to fruitition. If you have an idea for an internet site and a willingness to follow it through, we would urge you to get in contact with us as we can make it happen quickly and decisively.
We have experience accomodating a variety of business situations including:
* Full scale [...]


Our Principles

We believe that the below 3 principles help to uniquely define our organization. We also believe in Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, etc… but we would hope that any organization would profess those beliefs. Rather, we hope the terms below help set us apart from other organizations.


Share your story

Share Your Story

I feel Lucky to Work at McDonalds

Hello, my name is Ryan and I work in Ohio, at first when I started out I started in grill and it really sucked but then i got to know the kids and started to enjoy my job. However nothing like drugs have ever been in our store. Our owner is really [...]


How to Effectively Deal with Stress in Nursing Practice

I just finished 5 12 hour night shifts, working New Years Eve and New Years Day. I work ICU. I have been a nurse for 13 years, have 2 Bachelors and an MBA. I am 38 and not married (dating a male nurse), with no kids (when?). Here’s some real advice [...]


What’s with All the Hate on the Nurses?

I’ve been a nurse for 22 yrs. Been a hospice nurse for 14yrs.Thought it was my dream job. I know these people are in crisis,but does that give them the right to call us bitches and dumbasses?  I’m talking about the pt’s families that constantly second-guess us and doubt our expertise. It gets worse every day.Why all the hatred [...]


All Sorts of Jobs Have Ups and Downs

Every job that you come across, will have it’s up and downs. I have worked in fast – food since I was 17. Every place whether it is family owned, or corporate..relies on the management. If you aren’t getting paid what you are supposed too than say something… If the place is nasty..Get together with [...]


Working at McDonalds Does Not Always Sucks

So I’ve been working at McDonalds for about 9 months now. A couple of my friends worked there and its one of the few year-round jobs here. It took 4 interviews to get the job, which in my opinion is a little much but honestly, I love the job. I’ve gotten employee of the month [...]