I’m a McHappy Employee at McDonalds Australia

I have been with my McDonalds store for two years.  I started as kitchen crew, then begged my way to front counter, then begged my way over to Cafe.  I had just learned Cafe when i got promoted to Shift Assistant.  Some days can be absolute shit, but most days are absolutely great.  From what other people have said it seems like they think that being a franchise store is worse, i can tell you that ours isn’t.  Our store owner isn’t just in it for the money (who wouldn’t be thou) but he also makes sure that we are giving the customers hot fresh food.  Crew are only lazy when they have nothing to do.  If they are sitting around doing nothing get them out into dining room, if that’s 100% spotless, then they can dust all the picture frames, detail table and chair legs, etc .

McDonalds is one of those places where there is never nothing to do, there is always tons.  As for customers if any of you are reading. If you have a complaint about something it gets fixed up a lot quicker and we are a lot nicer about it if you just say “hey excuse me, but my burger has onion on it and i asked for it without” then yes we fix it up.

If you just go “my burger has onion on it” and be really nasty about we crack the poo’s and we really couldn’t care less.
As for dropping food and then selling it to a customer that’s a HUGE no no.  McDonalds Australia has some of the healthiest menu choices available including the deli rolls, warm chicken salads, garden salad, smoothies, berry nice yogurt crunch, apples, water, fruit juices, and the lean beef burger just to name a few.

The kitchen is ALWAYS clean and tidy.  I don’t understand how you are allowed to drop a utensil and then just pick it up and keep using it, it has to be washed, rinsed, then sanitized before it can be used again.

Some of you are talking bout stupid policies. What are they?  I haven’t come across a policy yet that i think is stupid, they are all there for a reason, be it for consistent results/service, having clean facilities, hot fresh properly assembled food, no policy is stupid or ridiculous.

Our store is one of the busiest in Australia.  Yet we always follow policies, and have clean facilities, in my opinion there is just no excuse.  This was my say.