Wal Mart and Best Buy, Two leaders in the retail world….retail worker

Hey people I was drawn to this website while looking for my girlfriend’s insurance company online, I typed in McDonalds and low and behold I came across a truly well wrote and true story on McDonalds. So here I am to share my piece about my job. BEST BUY.

This story will begin with Wal-Mart. Around the end of July I applied at Wal-Mart, you know, the biggest retailer in the world? Everyone knows Wal-Mart, everyone goes there for something or another. Well I have always been pretty computer and electronically inclined so I applied and was hired in a few days.

I started as an sales associate in the electronics department. The pay was alright so I thought for what I would be doing, occassionally stocking shelves and helping out people with questions about product, BOY WAS I WRONG!!

Let me explain this before I go further, I’m by no means a rich, upper-class or anything equivalent. I am a standard middle class guy bordering on poverty. So my expectations aren’t very high is what I am trying to say, I’m not stuck up or presume to be better then anyone.

Back to the story. I soon learned that probably about 50% of Wal-Mart’s regular customers are worse then those people you watch on Jerry Springer. It ranges from the people with 15 kids who come into the store and set them loose to cause havok and destruction. Kids running into whole displays of cds and knocking them over, kids crying and fighting in the aisles as thier parents just tell them “Now dear..” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying beat them silly but god damn, I’m only 23 and when I was like 5-10 years old my mother would tell me once and MAKE me listen the second time, if you get my meaning.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. This is another pet peev for me, now let me throw this disclaimer out before everyone flips out and get’s offended who’s overweight, I understand there are some health issues where people turn out overweight and I don’t down people who are overweight just because they are either. UNLESS THEY DO THIS!! You know the little handicapped carts you have in any big department store? The little scooter type? Thought so. Let me clarify, Those carts are for people who are disabled/old/handicapped in some way. NOT FOR FAT PEOPLE, if you find it hard to pick up that blob of flesh you call a leg and advance it forward your other blob, then your ass needs to walk, pardon my french.

Also, when you’re in a department store, it’s not a flee market, if I had a penny for the length of the time I worked in that store and heard “Can you give me a discount?” I would have a few hundred by now, no lie. Let me explain, Wal-Mart sells stuff at like 3 dollars above cost, they don’t make crap on things, and if it’s new or popular they probably had to lower the price sooo far that they aren’t making anything on the product, call me a liar if you will but wal-mart does this. Thier idea is this. We sell this cheaper then anyone else (say a new dvd out) it will get 3 times more people to come in the store to buy, and give us 3 times the chance to get them to buy something else that will make up for that loss in profit. And hey, it works if you have read the fortune 500.

This is why I left. Wal-Mart makes Billions and Billions of dollars, The store will sometimes make 100+ thousand dollars in a single day, but what do they pay thier employees? Starting out around 7 an hour or max 8 an hour, Now I consider myself a good talker and that’s how I started at 8 which was decent for me at the time but after I worked and developed some friendships in the store, I felt sorta bad, I made more then people who worked there for years. Just walking in.

So I decided i’ll work for my money and make it worth it. I started to increase the profits of my department by like 20-30% and they told me this, this isn’t me gloating. So I asked to advance in the company and they promised me the moon, to try and get me to stay. I stayed until I couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t deal with the low class customers that the majority were. Let me repeat some of my favorite quotes from Wal-Mart.

“Do you people carry modems?” I’d say “Sure down that aisle with the computer accessories.” They’d come back dumbfounded going. “Heyuck, No the modems that you plug your monitor into and you can play games” I’d roll my eyes and say “Oh you want a computer then? New tower?” they’d say “No I want a new modem, are you stupid!” and walk off. That was one of the most moronic things that ever happened and guess what it happened all the time! So anyways I was always friends with the in store security (those people that grab you when you steal and are wearing normal clothes) and he told me the old Manager from my walmart worked up the street at Best Buy as a Store Manager there and I should go talk to him and i’d get alot more money and a job at a more respected company.

Enter the Best Buy era. I came in and talked to the Manager and he hired me that day, I did my two weeks at Wal-mart and took off. Best buy has a better customer base,benifits,pay and pretty much everything. The only thing I don’t like about best buy is, If you have 400 dollars in your pocket to buy a 460 dollar item, You better be prepared to say NO about 10 times before they will actually hand you that item and let you get outta the store. They offer service plans and replacement plans on products which are good plans and good ideas, I normally hit on them when I pitch them to customers but occassionally you’ll get that one who wouldn’t take the extra warrenty if it was one dollar and I paid for it. Some of you reading this are probably those people. I would rather just let them walk out with the product and be on thier way, BUT NO Best Buy makes thier money on these warrenties and plans so if you don’t want your butt thrown to the media dept (DVD’s,Software) with half the pay. You have to sell em. Also, Best Buy is deceptive, if you ever hear. “I can make you a package” STAY AWAY, because that really means, “Let me take like 10 dollars off the actual item you want, then throw service plan and extra accessories on top of it, add it up and calculate tax on top and WALA you get this line next” “I worked out a package with my manager that gives you a big discount off everything because you’re a good customer and I don’t wanna lose your business.” Deception at it’s very core, some days I feel like a car salesman. And I haven’t even touched on internet services and broadband subscriptions. Basically it’s not all bad, if you get the right guy selling you the stuff but some of the sales people right off the bat are out to screw you.
Other then those aspects I really have no complaints, Awesome,cheap insurance, vision/dental/medical/life/auro, anything you want. Awesome pay, 4 dollars more then Wal-Mart offered for half the responsibility. And alot cleaner less cluttered store. So there you are and there’s my tale.

PS. I know I have alot of misspellings and I say simply this, if you don’t like it don’t read it, I wrote this at midnight and was up all day.

By the way my store is in Parma, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland.