Austrian English Tutor/Teacher….hopefully making lessons more exciting

I’m normally a student but this year I’m working as an English assistant here in Austria.  Since October….well, I had to apply through this company which organizes assistants in lots of different countries…well, Europe at least.

I had to specify which country I wanted to work in…why I would be good at it.  I took it because…well…I applied for it.  Because earning money is a good way to pay for a year abroad which is compulsory for my C course.  I was very lucky because I have a pen friend who lives here who said come and meet my old school.

It’s allright…I don’t want to be a teacher and lots of the teachers say to
me…like…do whatever you want with them…but it gets a bit like what am I going to do with them now.  I have to do something with my pupils and there are only so many fun things you can do with them….I’m here to help them so I can’t just like say, let’s talk about boys….and I don’t like the early mornings.

It’s good because I’m not a teacher….but people listen to me.  I can help people with their school course and hopefully make their English lessons more exciting instead of just reading from a textbook and just doing this and that grammar.

I don’t think of quiting my job….because I can’t really.  The people will think
really shit of me and its not that bad…I just sometimes think, oh shit, it’s like 6
oclock and I have to get up or I have to do something with them.

In 5 years…I don’t know….there is a possibility of studying more.  I just want
to do something where I can use my language….and also something using my own brain…not translating like a machine.  Like what’s this word in German?  I’d rather have some kind of job thats a proper job, where I can use my language.

In 30 years, god how old will I be then….50.  I don’t know…I really don’t
know.  I’m not a particularly homely or housewifey person.  I don’t know if I’m going to get married…or have kids…my mom doesn’t think I’m going to have children.   She’s relying on my brother…so…I don’t know.  Hopefully, I’ll be doing something I enjoy.