The Secret Affair Inside the Office

I am a receptionist for a small AC company. My friend is the accountant there and she is the one who convinced me to come work for them. I like the job itself , but the politics in the office are horrible. Both my boss and my friend are married (to other people) at the office they carry on a huge affair, they are swingers and even bring other people into it. The bosses wife and the the accountants husband have no clue what goes on at the office. They slip away on a regular basis for all day hotel flings, and use work as weekend away excuses. This makes me sick and I am on the verge of just sending off unsigned letters to each one of their spouses..Wonder what would happen then. Worse part is both boss and accountant are salaried so no matter how much they are not at the office they still get full pay. But they are so tight fisted with money they complain any time any hourly person misses any time, and the accountant “shaves” time off of peoples time sheets by always rounding to the lower number rather then the higher one..Makes me sick working here some days..