Medical Student…..rather tap dance on the street.

I am a medical student… hell…somewhere in hell. I’m just being silly. I pre-round, then I round (go by and see all the patients and talk to the attending doctor about them)….then I write my notes. I went to college and then applied to medical school…that’s how I got there.

I wanted to become a doctor cuz I want to help people……cuz it’s a good job…lotsa money. I’ve been a medical student for 3 years…it’s ok…I keep doing it cuz I’m 100,000 dollars in debt.

I like knowing the stuff….knowing medical stuff…for personal knowledge…I like to know why you wouldn’t want to take antibiotics all the time. Just basic stuff….about how stuff works and stuff.

Things I don’t like are the rude people I have to work with and the hours. Little did I know the patients are irritating as shit…patients are really irittating…They don’t listen to what I say and they don’t really want our help. So I tell them to go home…Some want to take antibiotics all the time..

Oh yeah, I think of quiting…see above…I don’t know what I’d rather do, that’s why I don’t quit. I would like to tap dance on the street for money with a little hat. I don’t really get a sense of accomplishment…I don’t feel like I really do anything..I just watch other people do things….

I have different bosses at different times which makes a big difference about how I enjoy my work….

In 5 years, I will be not so sad…I’ll be in my residency…I still won’t be a real doctor…but almost.

In 30 years, oh wow…I’ll be 55… …what do I want to be doing?…I’ll be retired with kids and family.