Nursing: A Tough Job but Rewarding

No one ever said Nursing was an easy job. That it isn’t. But it can be personally rewarding if you approach it knowing that each day you do the very best you can do under the conditions. What more does one need? I do not need
constant positive stroking from clueless managers. I am compensated very well and my job allows me more flexibility than anyone I know. It allows me to work autonomously, and I feel respected most of the time. It is the little things that make a “customer” happy.

The hospital where I work is very big on “customer service”, and I have found that as long as patients feel that they are staying at the Hilton that they will be very satisfied. Sounds crazy, but a little TLC goes a long way. When the patients are happy, I’m happy. True, at times there will be those that NOTHING you can do will satisfy them. That’s just the way it is in all types of business.
Play the game and it won’t be as stressful. In fact, it can be almost entertaining at times.