Do instinctively what your heart tells you in the first 3 seconds!…development field in China

I am currently working in the development field in China. I was reading all about your jobs in the computer industry but I have never and cannot work with computers. But, it is not so much about what is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ job, but whether its suitable for you, and whether it makes you a bit of a machine in the work place and in life, which, I think , most jobs do, especially office jobs.

So, on the one hand, my job sounds fantastic, and it is, but maybe for another person. For me, I have to bring soul, emotion, spirituality and living a whole life into my jobs and my interactions with people otherwise it doesn’t work. I think many jobs in an office are fairly faceless, bureaucratic, officious and are based on efficiency, which I dont think is the main spirit of living…..

My dream now is to reject the seemingly perfect job that my family think I should go for working in development and heritage field in China and pursuing my current thoughts about being a counsellor and getting training back in Australia. I hope it will work, but at least I know I’ve only got myself to blame and then look again if it doesn’t.

So- its not some jobs are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but what lets you live a more simple life, what does your heart think about each day,
Take care all you adventurers