Working with numbers….shit work, but at least I’m abroad

I am in sales…indirect ones..and…what do I do?  I am responsible for sales
contacts for the nordic countries.  Sweden, Finland, and Norway.  I go to work,
every day….5 days a week.  When I get there I make tea in the morning….I do most
of the number work in the indirect sales department.  That takes of most of my day.
So I kind of like track revenues and sales and expenses and all that…that takes
up 80% of my day and the other 20% is spent on the phone with customers, discussing new
possibilities for…sales opportunities that would fit them…

I got the job through contacts.  I went to school in England and knew I wanted to
work in Europe and came up with Munich.

I don’t like my job…umm…I don’t like that I have chocolate all over myself.
Gosh…the main thing…actually the job isn’t that bad…I don’t like the fact that
(since I just got out of college)I am like seen as the lowest of all low people.
And I get a lot of shit work sometimes because it’s work that needs to be
done and nobody else wants to do it that’s been in the company and blah blah blah….I
spend 10% of my time doing shit work…

I like that my job is in Munich…If I had this same job in the states, I would quit
and do something else, but what am I going to do there…

I like my boss.  Very nice..treats you more on a friend level than on a boss
level…I would say.

In 5 years…good question…gosh I don’t know….I see myself living in Bermuda on a
yacht.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  It’s all about the stock market these days.

In 30 years…um…I’ll probably have kids…maybe…I’ll probably be married.  30
years.  Be retired for sure.  If I’m not in Bermuda in 5, then I better damn be
there in 30.