Working at McDonalds:The Other Side of the Story

I’m writing this because of all the negative descriptions people give of their job at McDonalds. I am 17 and am in my final year of high school. I think the majority of people who write on here are just people with horrible attitudes and horrible work ethic that feel like they need to come on here and complain about how bad their job is.

Well you know what, your life is what you make it. If you go into work every day with a mentality that it’s going to be horrible then it probably will be. I have worked at my McDonalds for almost two years and I look forward to going into work every day. I like all my managers, except for one of them that yells too much and one that has an ego 10x too big. But to be honest, I don’t really care. I recognized that some people who work at McDonalds do because they never went far in school and they got stuck there, but I don’t let it get to me. If they are unhappy, then so be it. They aren’t going to ruin my happiness. Whenever a manager yells or does something stupid, I shrug it off, because there are so many more people that I love working with, and I’m not going to sink so low as to have some piece of shit ruin my job.

The point is, if you go in with a positive attitude and with an open mind, any job can be O.K. If your store really does have a lot of corrupt managers and horrible work policies, then find a different McDonalds or a different job, instead of coming on this site and bitching about it to make yourself feel better. Of course there are going to be some places that you hate, but that is life, and you have the full opportunity to work somewhere else. I read all this bullshit about “They make you work 8 hours without a break”. What a joke. That’s illegal and if anyone found out about that your manager would lose your job. Even if that was true, no one is forcing you to work there.

I love my job and I focus on the cool people I like working with and I put full effort into being as clean, fast, and safe as possible and I work hard to make it an easier place for everyone else to work. It’s pretty obvious most of you writing about how horrible your McDonalds job is can’t even put together coherent sentences, so why should I or anyone else take you seriously? Go back to school, get a better attitude, and get a better life.