Stay away from the Nursing Profession as Far as you can

I am an RN and I hate it. I have been working for about 2 years as an RN and I hate every moment of it. I was brain washed by the hype and spent four years at university to learn how to clean shit. Don’t get me wrong the pay is okay for cleaning poop. However, it’s not worth dealing with all the stress from knowing any little mistake could kill a patient, dealing with families, or dumb managers.

Nursing is overrated, if you like catching diseases, being treated like dog shit, and feeling like shit during a night shift then you are a moron and nursing is for you. So this is my advice please, please don’t go into nursing I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The worst bit about it, is that it is kind of like joining the mafia once you join you can never leave. I am currently; applying for a new job cleaning horse stalls, which I think, will be more rewarding, and at least the only shit I will be dealing with will be at my feet.