McDonalds is the Worst Place To Work In The World

I work at a very popular Mcdonalds.. I won’t mention where in Manitoba, Canada.  And let me tell you, every day when I have to tell someone where I work, they laugh in my face and I laugh with them, lemme tell you why. because this place is a fucking joke!

When i started January of 2006, everything was going smoothly. I was hired on the spot after my interview because my sister was also an employee and they hire family. At that time I was making 7.25/hr. and believe me, that was not enough for us to have to crawl under the fry vats and scrub fry grease off the floor!!!

Every which way you turn, even if you’re stopping to take a breather, or even have a quick glass of water, managers are always yelling at you. (well that depends, we all have our favourites where i work) They yell at you for the drive-thru times, or if they want you to take another order on window. yet, when a manager actually gets their lazy ass out of their office to go on drive-thru, they are the slowest damn thing I’ve ever seen. I could have served 23 orders out of the drive-thru order before they got one.

Now here’s what really bothers me. I have been there for almost a year. A girl, let’s just call her Suzie. she started 3 months ago. She got promoted to a crew trainer, and got a raise before I ever did. and the reason for this? Apparently one of the head managers that does all the promotions, reviews and raises, didn’t like me. (which another one of my managers had told me a month prior to this.)
and also, me being a decent worker (coming to work with a clean uniform, removing all jewelry, no nail polish, having a positive attitude, going as fast as i could on drive thru, window, being on time for work, never calling in sick etc.) I haven’t gotten anything but a damn .10$ raise since I started. so tell me, what kind of bullshit is this when this new girl got promoted and she doesn’t know half the things that I know already. (who trains someone in playland? i don’t know, but she does..)

Now let me go on to the favourites list. so let me make an example. Jerry and Johnny are standing around laughing in grill while me and my sister are working our asses off wiping things down, stocking up, making orders.. and we pause for a second to get a glass of water. Of course at that second the manager comes out of their office and starts yelling at US.. when Jerry and Johnny are standing around in grill doing piss all. Hmm, doesn’t sound like ANYONE is picking favourites AT ALL!!

Mostly everyone I work with is lazy as shit. I’ll be standing in the drive thru booth getting an order ready, and others will be in lobby talking to their friends, or trying to sneak food around me so they can eat and not take orders on window. THE CUSTOMERS CAN SEE YOU FROM DRIVE THRU SO DON’T EAT BESIDE ME! Stealing food is a very big thing at our restaurant. Food is stolen all the time on shift, on breaks and off shift. Some managers just don’t care, if you’re one of their favourites, and others have to pay their money to get what they want. now tell me, is THAT fair? Nope. But that’s the way they roll.

So anyway, that’s my rant. hope you enjoyed it, and leave comments if you wish. but i can’t stand this Mcdonalds, and if your Mcdonalds is the same way, you’ll know how i feel.