Fighting over a Hairspray at Ralphs

I get lucky enough to train a brand new loss Preventon agent in the Ralph’s grocery store. The first thing I tell this wanna be gangster is to back up your partner and he says ”yeah homie I’m down I’m down”.  I should have got the picture and realized that he wasn’t DOWN, just think of the tupac song (u ain’t sh*t without your homeboys). So about an hour in to our shift I see this two lesbians in the store with a small kid the hispanic girl stuffs a bottle of hairspray in to her purse while the black girl watches. As they leave the aisle I realize the black one is a guy. I told my partner to go outside and step in front of them when they exit the store and I would do the rest but remember to back me up if I need it. The two of them pay for so sodas and leave the store I go outside behind them and my partner is standing against the wall.( WOW!!!! ) So I stop the two suspects next to their car and she admits to it.

However, she still doesn’t want to go inside. She says “I don’t wanna F**king go inside” I said ” I give a F*** what you wanna do you need to go back inside the store”.  Her boyfriend said ” Hey homie get the f*** away from my girl” ” Man shut-up this ain’t your problem” I said. I turned and looked at the girl and before I could open my mouth the boyfriend on my left hit me across the face I grabbed the dude by his neck and slammed him on the hood of his car. The girl can over and hit me repeatedly with her purse striking me in the head and back, while the the 2 year old son and my partner leaned against the wall and watched. I turned and looked at the girlfriend and she backed up ;however, the boyfriend got lose and started to reach in his car for a unknown object ( believed to be a gun at that point). I grabbed dude around the neck and tried to take him down while the girlfriend started yelling at me to let him go.

We were position between two cars in the parking lot so I keep bouncing him from car to car trying to get him to the ground and the girlfriend finally pulls out the can of hair spray and throws it at my back (I had a bruise for 3 weeks). While I have dude in a choke hold he tries to reach for my family jewels with his off hand his girlfriend comes to the other side and starts punching me in the face, ear, chest, back throat(Now I fighting with two adults and my partner is still watching; well at least he baby sitting the 2 year old).

The girl finally get close enough for me to kick her and she fell on her ass. She gets up and grabs her phone out of her car and calls the homies. Finally my partner comes over and half hardly lightly grabs the guys arm, meanwhile the girlfriend calls the homies and tells them to get to the store and help them, oh and did I mention that there are over 120 customers in the parking lot watching. A Ralphs employee finally comes out to help and we put the guy into handcuffs. We are walking the guy into the store and my partner disappears again, and the guy gets combative right inside the doorway and kicks me in the leg, so I tightened my grip and he elbows me in the stomach, I lost my grip and he tried to run, I pulled him to the ground and he hit his head on the ground and split it open. The girlfriend was right behind us so I put my knee on the guy chest and the girl walks around us grabs several hand basket and starts throwing them at my head ( my partner sill nowhere to be found). She yells ” You Black B*tch! F**k you! I’ll KiLL you” as she continues to throw hand baskets at my head. My partner finally walks in the grab him and tell him  to stand were I’ m at and I throw the girl to the ground ( Damn that felt good). The Police helicopter shows up a few minutes later ( yes helicopter) along with 16 Los Angeles County Sheriff Department cop cars (lights and sirens). And a car full of homies shows up and the police intercept and it was a stolen car all of them run and one guy gets free. He goes back to the block and brings two more car full of homies while the cops are there and the cops intercept again. Two more stolen cars and everyone is bought out at gunpoint and place faced down on the ground. And another guy runs across the street to see what was going on and the police thought he was apart of it so they run his name and he had a warrant and he went to jail. The mom went to jail because she was in a stolen car and they recovered one gun. I had both of my earrings ripped out of my ear, swollen throat, and nose,and bruising.
That’s my story hope u enjoyed it.