This is the Subway to Work Hell

Making sandwiches was alright despite the stupidity of the customers, but basically I worked at the one subway in New York that the manager decided to stay open until 11PM, and only worked the closing shift, the manager was anal retentive, and gave us lists of 20-40 tasks to do each night, half of which we couldn’t so until after we closed, the other half we were prevented from doing by the customers, much of these tasks could have easily been done by the day crew, but usually weren’t, so we often would not get out until 11:45-12AM reeking of sour meaty smells.

Then, the manager seemed to take some delight in changing schedules last minute, a day you had off, you would find out that 2 days beforehand, it got changed so you were working, without ever being asked if you could work then or anything, and even though you’d be there util basically the next day, you still only made $7 an hour.

Don’t work at Subway!!!