Corrections Officer….disabled and at odds with the State of Nevada.

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To whom it may concern,

What does the State of Nevada do with its disabled employees that know too much?


I am writing to you in regards to the real, on-going story of the attempted murder of my family and I by the state of Nevada.

I was a correctional officer for the Nevada Department of Prisons (NDOP). I became totally disabled (respirator, wheelchair, etc.) when I stopped an inmate from falling to his death and I then fell in his place. During my healing process my supervisors came to my home and told me if I did not get better I would be terminated. I was also informed, over and over, that I should have let the boy fall because he was “just an inmate”.

This stress has also taken its toll on my wife, Cindy, who had Polio and is now in the PPS stage again wearing a leg brace, using a cane (for now). I was then criminally, falsely and fraudulently terminated for allegedly submitting a fraudulent job application. This was even after my one-year probation period was over, after which, even if I had filed a false job application, the NDOP could no legally challenge anything on my hiring. I had a pre-termination ‘review’ of these false charges and disproved all of the false and fraudulent charges. This did not matter. Ronald Reagan’s evidence didn’t even matter!

I then had an ‘official’ Nevada personnel hearing before a (name deleted). I was prohibited from submitting documentation, witnesses locations were withheld by the NAG and NDOP and I was not permitted to subpoena any witnesses, all denied. (The officer in charge) had just received a new contract before my ‘kangaroo’ hearing. He went several months past his due date for ‘deciding’ against me. When he finally found against me he received another new contract with over $20,000.00 a year ‘bonus’. Officers then came to my home and informed me that if I filed any complaints that I would be killed. I filed complaints. I even demanded, per and in accordance with NDOP laws and regulations, my right to a polygraph examination. My repeated demands for a polygraph were repeatedly denied because the NDOP law-regulation also dictates that if I passed my polygraph that my accuser would then be mandated to take a polygraph and if they failed it they would be terminated.

Then, with the full knowledge of the State of Nevada, NDOP, the Nevada Department of Investigations (NDI), the Nevada Attorney General (NAG) and other state/local agencies/employees then attempted to murder my family and I on three(3) separate occasions. My wife is PPS/FIBRO.

Two State of Nevada employee investigators were then assigned to investigate my complaints. Both investigators located (and furnished me with copies) secret and stolen personnel records that the NDOP/NAG/etc. had withheld from me during my ‘kangaroo’ hearing. This secret and stolen records contained evidence/documentation verifying the State of Nevada’s conspiracy to illegally and criminally terminate me in order to avoid any further medical costs, to include evidence, documentation, perjuries, confessions, taped-recordings, decisions, transcripts, witnesses, false reports, criminal and illegal surveillance of my family and home, etc. , etc.. I was even coerced into accepting a medical ’settlement’ from another State of Nevada department that had full knowledge of the attempted murders and was fully aware that the representing state agency had threatened to obtain my secret location under the guise of an illegal and unlawful order to inspect my home and that they would then report my new and secret location to the Nevada Department of Prisons.

Anyway, back to the investigators: Both investigators found on my behalf. Both investigators were then terminated. I would also add that one of the State investigators was also the assistant administrator for the DEISH, the state equivalent of OSHA.

I also had an attorney that lived in Carson. She would never do anything! No motions. No orders. No appeals. No subpoena’s. Nothing! Except for questions! She would always ask me questions,what was I doing? What did I have, etc.. I would later learn that she was married to one of the DEISH bosses!!

Another correctional officer, at the Ely State Prison in Ely, Nevada, had been injured and experienced the same as my family and I. That other officer is now dead (accidental overdose?) and his young wife and children are left alone. Funny coincidence there. One of the Nevada doctors had given me a prescription. I took it to my local pharmacist, Lamont (a really nice person) in Wells, Nevada. Lamont refused to give me the prescription. Seems it would have overdosed me in about an hour! Yep, funny coincidence!

My family and I are in hiding and we have now moved about 3 or 4 times to keep our location away from the State of Nevada. I am open to all suggestions and all proposals. The sooner this gets published/produced the safer my family and I will be from the government of Nevada! If you believe that your agency may be interested in learning more about this real and on-going criminal conspiracy by the State of Nevada please feel free to contact me. Nevada terminated me on the “so to get rid of him we terminated him on the pretext of falsifying his job application”. Nevada falsely and fraudulently alleged that I had never been a cop, never worked narcotics, never went to Vietnam and was never in the Army. To read/view some of the evidentiary documentations go to the DELPHIFORUMS (on the internet) at: ‘The Legal Forum for lawyers and others’ and then go to ‘Find messages’You’ll even read a letter from Governor Reagan to me while I was inVietnam (I went 5 times!) when I was with the F Troop (Blue Team, Pink Team, etc.).

Please take note that I do not want anyone to ‘take-sides’. I have, with the help of other state employees (especially the Nevada Investigators) obtained over one-hundred (100+) pounds of evidence, documentation, confessions, perjuries, taped-recordings, police reports, affidavits, witnesses, etc., etc. that of itself establishes and proves/verifies this on-going criminal conspiracy as committed by the State of Nevada, the Governor, the NAG, the NDOP, etc., etc..Can you help? I finally found an honest judge and he will proceed against this criminal government of Nevada after I present him with a ‘Petition for Mandamus’ and a ‘Writ of Mandamus’. Does anyone have a copy of this? I believe that a peaceful e-mail and/or fax campaign will have an effective and legal response and serve justice.

Thank you for your time and considerations. E-mail: