A Woman Working in a Man’s World

I’m 25 with a 4 year college degree. When I graduated I started work in an cushy office job. But nearly threw myself out a window because of boredom. So that’s when I opened up the classified to see how I could get out of the office and lose the 25 lbs I gained from sitting on my butt all day.

It was summertime in Florida and it is hard to get people to work outside so there were tons of pool cleaning jobs that were willing to hire me. So I tried it. I have now been working in the pool cleaning business for a year. It had its advantages when I started. The physical work shed the 25 lbs so I could cook my fried chicken and eat it too. I had the freedom to schedule my 100 pools as I wanted. Seeing an immediate result in my work. My previous job I had 3 bosses that surrounded me so it was nice to only have to see my pool boss once a day. When I started I was excited that I could be leaning a skill that I could easily use to start my own company one day.

As with all jobs though the honeymoon period ended and dark realty set in. I do the same 5 things to those same 100 pools on the same day at the same time every friggin’ week. So about 3 months in I start asking about leaning about the repair side of pools. I’ve made it a point to keep asking every month. So 2 months ago “the man” hires a new guy. I train him. He’s a 21 year old idiot whose work experience includes a 1 month framing job and being fired from his family’s landscaping company for breaking all the equipment. 2 weeks after his training was complete “the man” takes “his man” out to learn to work on the pool pumps. You have got to be kidding me. I show up every day on-time or early for almost a year and he teaches him the repairs because of his 1 month construction experience. Whats more messed up is that they tell me I’m the best employee they have. WTF. So I started looking for another place to work.

Although life can be funny sometimes. Last month my doctor informed me that I have melanoma. So I’ve to quit the pool business and find something that doesn’t involve 40 hours of straight sun. Back to the classifieds.

Great thing is I’ve found another field that seems a lot more interesting. Electrical. So I’ve gone to home depot did my research and having been reading a book on it. Yet I can’t even get an $8/hr electrician helper job that lists will train in classifieds. My boyfriend’s crackhead stepbrother can get that job. I’ve started walking into the electrical companies asking for work. But apparently being a girl makes me unqualified and the also I’m pretty and slightly on the small side. But being little is no obstacle I can lift 75lbs.

So my conclusion to this is that I’m stuck working in a man’s world being passed up by idiots and having to over qualify myself for electrical grunt work job. I didn’t used to hate men until I started to work for them.