Software Team leader…before there was shite

I’m a bit of a team leader…push <name deleted> around a bit, wake him up and all that…he falls asleep most of the time.  <Another guy> gets on with his
work very well.  Don’t need to do anything with him.  well, that’s it really.

I was working in England in conjunction with these people and there was a job in Munich which required my skills I asked my boss to go there and he said yes.  And so I came over to Munich.

Before there was shite and now there is quality.

It’s not too bad.  Could be better, but you can’t have everything.  There are
lots of different things that are good about it.  You’re never doing the same old thing every day.  It’s good fun…you work with good people in a good town.  Good socializing and all…that’s part of the job.

The only thing you don’t like about jobs in general is that you can’t generally do what you want to do.  Getting up in the morning?  I don’t do that….I get up when my body tells me to get up, which could be anytime really.

My boss is good cuz he works in England so I don’t see him that much.  We’re
pretty much our own bosses.  Let us get on with our work.

In 5 years, I’ll be working in software.  Probably not in Munich…not in  Somewhere else…

In 30 years?  You just do not think that far ahead…end of story.