DO NOT BUY FROM MCI OR WORK THERE!……Telephone Customer Service

Yeah MCI blows. Lemme rant a bit: I just started there in Feb. The interview process was mediocre at best. I applied for Customer service. I’m not an idiot, so I passed all their tests. I also have previous call center experience. I was hired the same day I applied (tells you something about their hiring process). Anyway, I was told that my duties would be to handle problems that customers had in a timely fashion and do a little bit of up selling. A little bit was LIE #1. In training the whole focus was sales. We learned about how the phone system works, the plans available, how to fix things and get customers to other departments. That was for about 2 weeks. The total weeks in training was 8! The rest was how to sell products and get more money out of the customer. I was getting suspicious then. Well, we went through training and the first thing that pissed me off was the work shifts. We were told at the start that we would bid on our shifts. We would be able to pick from up to 11 shifts, with 1 being are most desirable to 11 being the least. If we did well on our tests, participated and had perfect attendance during training we’d get at least our 3rd pick if not our 1st. This was according to how we were ranked in the class. LIE #2. At the end of training I got my 8th pick (1:30pm-10:00pm M-F). I had about an 85% average on the tests (which were somewhat difficult), I participated in all their stupid skits and BS, was there EVERYDAY and on time. We had 15 people in our class and 4 of them got their 1st or 2nd choice. One girl (we’ll call her Dot) got her first choice and she had worked at MCI before for several years and everyone loves her. Another guy (we’ll call him Don) missed at least 2 days of class and was late one day due to the fact he was in jail for driving with a suspended license! He still got his 2nd choice!!! My friend Ben and I asked to see the ranking and were denied. The trainer said it would cause arguments between the class (BS!!). We’ve decided there was no ranking just the schedule you wanted went alphabetically. If someone wanted your schedule and they had a last name that started with A and your was B they got it. Dot’s last name starts with a B. Don’s last name starts with a D. The other two of the four last names started with A and F. This is just a theory. BUT several people with good scores and 100% attendance got crappy shifts and their names begin with later letters. Mine starts with J. Ben’s starts with P. After we were given these shifts the Higher Ups decided to split the whole staff into small business and residential. Then are shifts were changed again. Everyone on our team got crappy shifts. Except for Dot who got an even better one than she had! I was pissed. My shift is now M-W 11:00am-10:00pm and SAT 11:00am-10:pm. I’m still pissed. Then we went out on the floor. That’s when it really started to suck. The customers are not bad. It’s putting up with the shit from MCI. 99% of the calls are problems MCI caused. MCI does some real screwed up shit to people. Changing rates and not informing people. Getting addresses wrong. The customer doesn’t get the bill. Then is charged for late fees. Even after the customer calls in and asks for a bill! Our computers are shit. They freeze all the time. We are told to keep taking calls and pretend to the caller that everything is fine. BUT YOU CAN’T ANSWER A BILLING QUESTION WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THE BILL! If we log off to fix the computer we are lectured and warned for not being on the phone. A few warnings leads to stricter punishment. The telemarketers LIE like no tomorrow promising all sorts of things. Then we get the call backs and have to fix the telemarketers lies. Our “supervisor” is a glorified babysitter all she does is make sure we take calls and aren’t goofing off. She makes a face and has a snide comment if she has to get up and help with a problem.We caught her yesterday playing solitaire on her computer. I’ve been on the “floor” 2 weeks and I have already been in closed door meetings with her and the head manager. Once for drawing during their “rah-rah” meeting and not clapping when they announced the top sales person on our team. The other time was for being 32 seconds late from break!!! NO LIE. The supervisor and manager harass me every other day for little things. We dress casually. I was wearing a white t-shirt and she told me to put something over it or go home. She said it was an under garment and not suitable. Luckily I had a sweatshirt in my car. I wore that t-shirt several times during training and was never once questioned about it. Ben has worked several call centers and said that is called “headhunting”. The management team deems someone a menace or a renegade (like me) and harasses them for petty issues until they quit or until they can fire them for something legit. I’m deemed a rebel (we’ve determined) because I don’t participate in their BS “rah-rah” meetings and I always question stupid policy (like the computer issue or the ranking fiasco). I do a fine job on the phones. I’ve gotten several compliments from customers. I help them. I don’t try to sell them unnecessary plans and features. I feel sorry for them. They’re getting reamed by this evil company. Thanks for letting me vent! I agree 150% with you!
Nathan Justice
Greenville, SC