male nurse who loves his job…..nurse

i am a 28 year old male practical nurse. i have worked in urology, surgery, med/surg, family practice, and long term care. currently i work in an internal medicine office consisting of 7 doctors, 12 nurses and 12 other office staff workers.

i decided to become a nurse after a visit to the emergency room when i was 18. i was in severe pain and was having n/v and hematuria. the first person to arrive at my bedside was a male nurse who seemed very nice and caring, and eager to help. he did the physical assessment, started an IV, drew blood, gave me pain medication. when he told me he was a nurse i was kind of shocked to know that a nurse could make such an impact on a persons life. there i was, lying in bed, sick as a dog, vomit all over me, crying, making horrible ugly faces, and here is this human being who seemed to care so much and stay so calm through it all. at that moment i told myself i would be a nurse.

i went into the US navy and became a hospital corpsman (basically a technical person who provides technical nursing to the sick), and when i left the navy i went to LPN school. i was the top of my class, graduated with honors, and i had a great time.
my first LPN job was in long-term care making 19.00 an hr. that was great money to me, but it was stressful. i provided care for 20 patients on a skilled medicare unit. (IVs, NG tubes, drawing all the blood, passing meds, assessments, insulin administration, wound treatments and procedures i thought were only performed in hospitals)
so i quit on the spot after 2 months.
then i went to family practice making 17.50 an hr. stayed there 6 months and moved back to GA.

now i work in internal medicine, which is very rewarding, but not technical enough for my likings. giving shots and looking over pt meds is not my idea of an exciting day…. so today i toured a dialysis unit as an interview. i was really interested in what i saw, the tubes, the complexity, the atmosphere was all i needed to know…. this was the job for me.
yeah, nursing is demanding, but i have had harder jobs with lots more stress and lots less money. if youre going to nursing school, please think before you take a job in a general medical clinic. the bosses are always at your back, the docs are great, but seem to care less than they should, and the pay sucks for all the boring routine work you do. also, the fellow nursing staff are always bickering, and im always in the middle. (which is not fun at all)
i saw the article on gay male nurses and i do happen to be gay, and yeah i do bitch a lot, but dont we all??? i mean, i bitch because im unhappy and im doing something about it…… to all the burnt out nurses, try to switch to a different area of nursing, but please dont leave your other nurses!!!! we need each other, and nurses really do care. the nurses where i work do bitch and complain, but most do a really good job. not everything is a piece of cake, ya know. i am proud to be a nurse, to be the guy who says i care, to be the guy who gives those who want to give up encouragement, and to be the one who can leave work and say “i helped someone out today” and maybe i can show people that i do care, and that nursing isnt just a job and paycheck, it is who you are. i am a nurse and thats how i see myself, i care about people, and i hope to retire being a NURSE.
i do plan to go to RN school soon. dialysis is only 3 days a week so i would have ample time. my sister is in LPN school now and she is doing great. i am proud that she decided to make the change (at 30 yrs old) and do something exciting and worthwhile. i am the only nurse in my whole big family, so its hard to find people to talk and vent about work when its all medical jibber jabber to them.
the things i like least about nursing are, the shortage we face, the lack of help, the non-compliant patients, and the large work load placed upon us depending on what area we work in.
cross your fingers that i get the dialysis job and like it. i would like to hear more from male nurses, so email me at