Management that should never have been conceived.

I managed a project which I didn’t manage. Basically, I was managing a project that was completely being managed and being prepared to be sent out to England, but they weren’t telling anybody in Munich. So basically I was hiring people and they were planning to move the whole project to the UK anyway.

I worked for the company which preceeded this company…they took over our department. Towards the end, I did nothing. I was responsible for making sure that the team members were testing things to make sure that they didn’t work or something like that…

The people were good though…

The worst thing were the UK management…tottally and utterly incompetent. They should never even have been conceived.

I had a big row with them and left to do nothing….took some time off….I’d rather do nothing than be with them….and now I have a much much better job.

In 5 years, no idea….I take it as it comes. In 30 years, I’d like to be retired.