Hyatt Die Cast Exposed by a Worker

I worked for Hyatt Die Cast for almost 15 years. The lady in HR is a liar and the CEO is a crook he gave himself a $40,000 bonus for which he did not earn. He placed all his friends in the company, and so thank God I was able to let the owner know about all that and she let that CEO join the unemployment line. I also had a friend work with me and so my friendship with him ended with him after almost 20 years because he told me that if he had to choose between me and the company,that he will choose the company. So, the next day I called him and told him I will make it easy for him, he can choose the company,after all he was continuing working there after he knew that the woman in HR was liar. I told him that she told me that Hyatt die cast does not hire handicapped people.