The worse job I ever had….mdconalds

Hi well just wanted to say a year ago I worked at Mc.donald’s and boy did it blow the hell out of me. I felt like the dumbest person alive and my managers were such perfectionist it made me sick out of my mind.

The begining of me working their I felt like a little slave laborer it’s sad how I let my managers take soo much control of me that I became emotiontionally unstable the situation worsen when I started to have nightmares about cruel customers and hostile altercations arriving luckily enough my sister and my cousin worked with me this gave me people too socialize with cause I hell as did’nt communicate with my coworkers I don’t know people that have my personality sure as hell would’nt work at a fast food restaurant they should have called it slow food restaurant

Im a slow paced worker and I get really angry when people stress that I move fast that’s why I know better not too try to work with food ever again! well eventually I quit because my managers put soo much tension on me I had no choice but too I honestly think the money was not worse the imbarassment and emotional problems I was suffering from!