Sick job….nurse

I work (nurse) in a 1 physician specialty office–been here 10 yrs. Before accepting this position, I worked Home Health,& hospital and due to I’m raising my daughter alone..I needed weekends/holiday’s/evenings off. I took a huge cut in pay, but it was worth it at first. The first few years the dynamics were ok.. we had a Physician’s Assistant; and he “rounded” the dynamics out I guess. Also, we were busy back then, so we had 2 front receptionists.. along w/ insurance clerk. The “main” receptionist started w/this dr.’s father 55yrs ago(she was 14)!!!!!! She was (IS) very,very,very mean to the other receptionists; and insurance clerks… she “ran off” many,many,many different people. Ea. person when it “became their time”.. she made their live’s a living HELL. When they complained to the dr.–he told them ALL to BACK-OFF, and leave the “queen” alone. Everyone always left. Eventually she got tighter,and tighter with the other nurse who started a couple mo’s after me.. to where they BOTH ganged up on whomever they didn’t like. Gradually, the dynamics changed………when this other bit-nurse came on board. I think she “manipulates” this 69yo bit– into stuff. So, the PA left..after complaining to the dr. about these 2–he stood up for the bitches.
Then the last one to go was a black girl …………I finally “saw” the real nurse for what she is. All along I had just ignored these 2 bitches.. and just did my work…..until it became “my turn” They got me while I was weak. My daughter is a teenager.. my father & mother is both dying.. I have no other family members for “support”… they have been..and are VERYEVIL. I gave notice.. first time..he told me I was just a very sensitive crybaby. 2nd time.. I told the bastard.. it was the pay.. I gave him a $7/hr raise increase figure.. deciding if I stayed, he would pay me BIG TIME. (I had found a better paying job, and he asked what they were offering..I added $4 to it) He offered the huge increase to me…. Since I’m paying alot of my parent’s medical bills..I needed it.. was having a terrible time……………but.. now, the dr. hasn’t spoken to me–that was 8 mo ago. He treats me like TRASH. He comes in every morning……..and blatantly goes over to ea. of these bitches and enquires about their health,family,etc..then pointedly gives me an evil look—and walks in his office. I stood there “letting” him.. and marking on my calendar.. daily, just to see if it were “all in my head”… NOT. He really does it. I’m not “paranoid” So, now, in the morning’s and afternoons, when he is stopping to “pet” the bitches who’ve run off many poor women… I make myself very,very scarce–in the back. Sometimes he catches me off guard.. and I don’t give a damn… Anyway………my entire personality has changed .. I am very edgy now; I cry often.. feel depressed. I feel very hurt. What really hurts me.. is a year ago, when they ran off the black girl– (dr. didn’t like her) a new lady came on– I told him about the bitches crapping on me,etc.. making my work very hard to do,etc.. he just said “well, lets just hope they don’t run off “betty”.. I thought what about me?
So, within a couple mo’s.. they turned on Betty—- this week after the witches left & I was closing up and calling in ,etc (doing mine & other nurse’s job) betty went & in tears told the dr. about the bitches.. he was sympathetic and told her he would cut the queen bitch who had been here 55 yrs.. down to part time, then “out the door.” (not in those words) he told her she didn’t have to put up with that. I am very,very hurt. He told me it was “all in my sensitive head” and I needed an antidepressant,etc…………yet he believes betty. why???????? I am very,very hurt. I gave up a great paying job.. 8mo ago, a couple weeks after giving it up, I called them telling them I had made a terrible mistake..they wouldn’t rehire me.. but now, even though this bastard pays me great I am looking for another job.
What I feel about my boss, is that he is a bastard. He HATES “weakness” in people. He can’t be subjective in treating me…. and treats me like trash. The only thing he says to me is about every 2 mo’s he asks “Is your daughter on drugs yet?” My daughter is an honor student,,student council,etc.. but he only asks shit like that.
by the way, everyone I’ve discussed this with, tells me it may be b/c I am so attractive, and quite younger than the bitches, & new insurance clerk… everyone else is in 60’s..I’m in 30’s. (I used to model) Just remembered something……… Sometimes while I’m talking to an elderly patient.. the asshole comes over, gives me an evil look(pt doesn’t see this) and tells the patient.. “she’ll be old like the rest of us someday too”
Anyway…I just wanted to unload.. this place is so evil.. 90% of the people who’ve been run off from here..have used that word.. It is very difficult to explain the order for others not in it to understand. But, it is so sick. I’m making $55,000/yr.. Other RN’s aren’t so lucky. I’m trying to pay off everything, and “laughing all the way to the bank”, but it probably isn’t worth it. I am so exhausted I suppose from the mental stress of staying on guard.. my quality of life has gone down. I take notes, carry a tiny tape recorder,etc.. to cover my rear. They just glare at me.. They know they can’t set me up, like all the others, but they do ignore me, the front receptionist bitch gives ALL the patient calls to her cohort.. she tells the patients I was just “hired off the street– and the other nurse is the “nurse” I told her I was an RN—-she screamed,etc…….and nearly had a breakdown; and (the other nurse is an lpn) the dr. came over & told me I was sensitive.
I would love to hear from any others in a similar situation.
Thank you for reading this.