average registered nursing salaries not worth it…..nurse

I have been a pediatric nurse for 4 years. I have been gravely disappointed in this profession for about 2 years…around the time i started thinking of alternatives to nursing. I decided to try travel nursing which just went to show me that all hospitals are relatively the same and the patients and their families at every hospital literally consider the nurse the problem, as if i was the one that caused their child to fall ill….but the doctor..the doctor is god….. never mind the stress of working with almost all females, their complaining, their obesity, their selfishness. Forget the mangement! you are only a number to them…..

what did i think i was doing when i make their career choice??? the nights, the rotating, the weekends, the nights, the holidays…

forget this, i am going to beauty school this summer, and i refuse to step back in the halls of a hospital, the white uniform and hat….i’ve come to flinch at the thought of it.

Whom ever says nursing is full of satisfaction never worked on a med-surg floor, never had a parent scream at them for no reason, never had an md make them cry, never had to deal with 20 women full of complaining hormones, and never worked so hard that you never got a lunch break, or realized that you worked so much you forgot to pee. the numbers the sress, the responsibility….you can’t pay me enough for this job.