Development Engineer had opposite effect on me….electrical engineer

I feel as if I have regressed from a bright, energetic, ambitious Engineer in mid career to a burned out shell of a human being. Sad but true. I worked for Siemens. After they were done sucking all the life out of me they laid me off. Some BS excuse but the main reason was that I was not a very good brown noser! The VP was a complete idiot and I just could not bring myself to be chummy with that moron.

Let me tell you what Development Engineering in a large company is REALLY about. Paperwork and politics! That’s it. If you are good at that you will go far. To me, the successful ones all looked like walking dead.

Fully 50% of my job was dedicated to paperwork. There was the paperwork that made sense such as specification documents, test reports etc. And all the other stuff which was really just a way of marginalizing my position so they could easily replace me. A paper trail of every single thing I did and knew. Then there were all the ISO9000 and GMP requirements! Again, mountains of paperwork!

I had 6 managers in 4 years! Some of them world class assholes! Everytime a new one came in he would have all this hindsight about everything I did over the last 2 years and how it was all wrong and that I should have done it this way or that way. What a nightmare!

Now I’ve been umemployed for 1.5 years because my skills are not very marketable anymore. At the time I got the position 5 years ago I was getting all sorts of interviews and had my pick of jobs. That’s how fast things can change. I have a BS in EE.

Anyways, to all the people thinking about a career in EE Design and Development. Think twice. It’s not the same profession it was 10 or even 5 years ago. Now a days most jobs in this field involve work in white collar sweat shops. If your lucky you can find a position in a small company which allows you to wear multiple hats and get some sense of job satisfaction while being able to keep your skills up to date. The majority of the good paying jobs are in larger corporations though and they intentionally conspire to pidgeon hole you into specialization and obsolesence.