My Mcdonalds Story…The Straight Truth

Ok…I am a teenager aged 16 that is currently a crew member at Mcdonalds in California. I know what everyone is automatically think…”Oh my god, what a loser”…Well first of all it’s just a part-time job and I do intend on going to a great university and my dream is to become a family doctor, so please don’t discriminate and please read my story.
Well it all started when I was enjoying my sophmore summer of high school and my best friend asked me if I wanted to apply for a job at Mcdonalds because a new restaraunt was opening near our homes. We both applied and were quickly hired. The store was not yet opened so we were trained at a different location for a whole month. We were sent to the best McDonalds in our city. We were taught the grill(cooking food and making it), team service(how to communicate, register, dealing with costumers), and we were taught drive-thru. My friend and I loved training because we only worked 3 hour days and were working with one of the best management teams McDonalds has ever put together. It was really fun for us and we loved it.

Boy did they fool us. They made us think thats how ALL the Mcdonalds are. Well they’re almost the opposite. When are Mcdonalds first opened I worked 8 hours days which is really difficult if you’re a teenager. I didn’t really care at first because I loved this new thing called “income”.
After about a month, once all the crew and managment had settled in, everything changed. I dont want to rush anything so let me tell you about myself as an employee. I am the kind of person that gets along with pretty much everyone because Im the kind of person that likes to make everyone happy, even if it means making myself unhappy. Basically, imagine being apart of a mcdonalds that has the largest managment in my whole town. We have about 15 managers. That is alot and imagine having 7 managers present while you’re trying to work. They are all giving you orders at the same time because they are too lazy to do anything themselves. They’re like do this, do that, go faster, hurry up, don’t talk, do something, sweep, clean, stock, what, why not, can you work tomorrow, can you bring me a water, can you clean lobby, can you clean the restrooms, can you…” I think you get the picture. I HONESTLY HEAR ALL THOSE ALMOST EVERYDAY!
Now you’re probably thinking well that doesn’t seem that bad because besides its only Mcdonalds. Well this is not even half the story.
First of all I’m a teenager, and there are lost of rules that they must follow because teenagers cant just work and do anything at anytime. Well the managers dont really care and don’t follow these rules. There have been schools days were I have after school at 3:00 all the way until 11:30…Thats 8 and a 1/2 hours. Sometimes even without a break! What kind of person in their right mind would want a high school student to work so hard and long knowing that have homework to do after work! I am always exhausted now because I work a lot…which is also illegal…I can only legally work 20 hours a week…I work that in three days. The managers really do not care about me and my life. But then one day I did complain to an Area manager and the store manager. They were very upset and yelled at some of the floor and swing managers that were allowing this. The swing and floor managers are usually younger people that screwed up in life and ended up at Mcdonalds, so school was never important to them. After this day about a month ago I have been almost eliminated from the schedule and if I ever ask why they say…”you were the one complaining about working too much…now you’re getting what you want”. I have lost complete respect at work by almost everyone because of this.

Heres my next story respect…Remeber how I told you I was trained, well I was trained very well and we were taught everything that MANAGERS learn. So therefore I knew a lot of things about Mconalds that the managers didn’t even know. So I would often correct the managers and other crew members about how things were SUPPOSED to be done. Then I would get yelled at by the floor manager just because I was doing the right thing…I think they were just mad because I caught it and they didn’t. I am often put down and forced to make meat and clean. I am honestly one of the best workers they have because I know all the rules and I work very well with my crew members and customers. But the managers dont care because I think they feel intimidated by me and dont we to be promoted because they know my knowledge. I am the kind of kid that strives to be the best and no one has ever stopped me. I have often been the smartest and brightest and still am at school, but at work they make me feel like a nobody. They make me feel life I am not needed and can’t do anything right, when in fact I can but they just want to keep me down. Its really hard for me to explain this because it’s like of those things you have the experience to understand. It’s like they have affected the way I feel about myself and my ability to succeed and and do things right. No one has ever done that to me in my whole life. I am not respected at all.

Third I want to tell you about customer service at Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is all about getting your food fast! And thats all they really care about is getting the food out fast and having good drive-thru times. Even if that means using old food, dropped food, or wrong sandwhiches (when a person asks for something special like no onions). No one really cares about the COSTUMER anymore and that really hurts me because I do care and when I take longer to do things right, I get screamed at for taking too long.

Fourth I want to tell you about the people at Mcdonalds…There are adults that work there that give alcohol or even drugs to teenage co-workers. Even the managers are apart of this. It saddens me to see these people try to ruin the lives of our countries future leaders. Not to mention that is ILLEGAL! There are also swing managers and floor managers that steal money and accuse us crew members and this has lead to people being fired or accused and put down. Basically the people there are not trust worthy and you constantly have to watch your back. Imagine seeing this almost everyday! Its damaging to a person but also it showed me reality and how people and life really is.

Basically, I am ordered, disrespected, put down, yelled at, and pressured. About three weeks ago I had enough of it and now I am changing at work. I no longer care about pleasing everyone I just worry about doing what is RIGHT and how it SHOULD be done. I have had many arguments with managers lately because they said I was being too bossy or not listening I just tell them, “You know what I am doing everything the way it is supposed to be done and if they have a problem to call our supervisor and talk to him about it. Of couse they shut up in fear because of couse they dont want me to ruin tere CAREER! Well this past weekend they have really got to me even with my new work attitude. I actually wanted to just quit on the spot in anger because I was accussed of stealing money, giving out wrong orders, being late, arguing with a manager, and being bossy towards crew-members. These were all lies and I was yelled at for each of them. Well remember my best friend I told about at the beginning well he left my store like 2 months ago for experiencing the same things as me. Well Im planning to ask for a transfer to his Mcdonalds which is a Wal-mart mcdonalds which is a lot smaller and only has three managers. He is must more happier there and I really hope everything goes good for me because now this just job is not about money for me it is about not giving up and showing people that I can what I want and no one can stop me. Be all that you can be!!!

Mcdonalds is a horrible company that care nothing about there employees and who is apart of stores management. One word of advise DO NOT APPLY FOR A JOB AT MCDONALDS IT IS MISERABLE, NOT THE WORK BUT THE PEOPLE ARE A BUNCH OF LOSERS!