My Mcdonalds Story…The Straight Truth

Ok…I am a teenager aged 16 that is currently a crew member at Mcdonalds in California. I know what everyone is automatically think…”Oh my god, what a loser”…Well first of all it’s just a part-time job and I do intend on going to a great university and my dream is to become a family doctor, so please don’t discriminate and please read my story.
Well it all started when I was enjoying my sophmore summer of high school and my best friend asked me if I wanted to apply for a job at Mcdonalds because a new restaraunt was opening near our homes. We both applied and were quickly hired. The store was not yet opened so we were trained at a different location for a whole month. We were sent to the best McDonalds in our city. We were taught the grill(cooking food and making it), team service(how to communicate, register, dealing with costumers), and we were taught drive-thru. My friend and I loved training because we only worked 3 hour days and were working with one of the best management teams McDonalds has ever put together. It was really fun for us and we loved it.

Boy did they fool us. They made us think thats how ALL the Mcdonalds are. Well they’re almost the opposite. When are Mcdonalds first opened I worked 8 hours days which is really difficult if you’re a teenager. I didn’t really care at first because I loved this new thing called “income”.
After about a month, once all the crew and managment had settled in, everything changed. I dont want to rush anything so let me tell you about myself as an employee. I am the kind of person that gets along with pretty much everyone because Im the kind of person that likes to make everyone happy, even if it means making myself unhappy. Basically, imagine being apart of a mcdonalds that has the largest managment in my whole town. We have about 15 managers. That is alot and imagine having 7 managers present while you’re trying to work. They are all giving you orders at the same time because they are too lazy to do anything themselves. They’re like do this, do that, go faster, hurry up, don’t talk, do something, sweep, clean, stock, what, why not, can you work tomorrow, can you bring me a water, can you clean lobby, can you clean the restrooms, can you…” I think you get the picture. I HONESTLY HEAR ALL THOSE ALMOST EVERYDAY!
Now you’re probably thinking well that doesn’t seem that bad because besides its only Mcdonalds. Well this is not even half the story.
First of all I’m a teenager, and there are lost of rules that they must follow because teenagers cant just work and do anything at anytime. Well the managers dont really care and don’t follow these rules. There have been schools days were I have after school at 3:00 all the way until 11:30…Thats 8 and a 1/2 hours. Sometimes even without a break! What kind of person in their right mind would want a high school student to work so hard and long knowing that have homework to do after work! I am always exhausted now because I work a lot…which is also illegal…I can only legally work 20 hours a week…I work that in three days. The managers really do not care about me and my life. But then one day I did complain to an Area manager and the store manager. They were very upset and yelled at some of the floor and swing managers that were allowing this. The swing and floor managers are usually younger people that screwed up in life and ended up at Mcdonalds, so school was never important to them. After this day about a month ago I have been almost eliminated from the schedule and if I ever ask why they say…”you were the one complaining about working too much…now you’re getting what you want”. I have lost complete respect at work by almost everyone because of this.

Heres my next story respect…Remeber how I told you I was trained, well I was trained very well and we were taught everything that MANAGERS learn. So therefore I knew a lot of things about Mconalds that the managers didn’t even know. So I would often correct the managers and other crew members about how things were SUPPOSED to be done. Then I would get yelled at by the floor manager just because I was doing the right thing…I think they were just mad because I caught it and they didn’t. I am often put down and forced to make meat and clean. I am honestly one of the best workers they have because I know all the rules and I work very well with my crew members and customers. But the managers dont care because I think they feel intimidated by me and dont we to be promoted because they know my knowledge. I am the kind of kid that strives to be the best and no one has ever stopped me. I have often been the smartest and brightest and still am at school, but at work they make me feel like a nobody. They make me feel life I am not needed and can’t do anything right, when in fact I can but they just want to keep me down. Its really hard for me to explain this because it’s like of those things you have the experience to understand. It’s like they have affected the way I feel about myself and my ability to succeed and and do things right. No one has ever done that to me in my whole life. I am not respected at all.

Third I want to tell you about customer service at Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is all about getting your food fast! And thats all they really care about is getting the food out fast and having good drive-thru times. Even if that means using old food, dropped food, or wrong sandwhiches (when a person asks for something special like no onions). No one really cares about the COSTUMER anymore and that really hurts me because I do care and when I take longer to do things right, I get screamed at for taking too long.

Fourth I want to tell you about the people at Mcdonalds…There are adults that work there that give alcohol or even drugs to teenage co-workers. Even the managers are apart of this. It saddens me to see these people try to ruin the lives of our countries future leaders. Not to mention that is ILLEGAL! There are also swing managers and floor managers that steal money and accuse us crew members and this has lead to people being fired or accused and put down. Basically the people there are not trust worthy and you constantly have to watch your back. Imagine seeing this almost everyday! Its damaging to a person but also it showed me reality and how people and life really is.

Basically, I am ordered, disrespected, put down, yelled at, and pressured. About three weeks ago I had enough of it and now I am changing at work. I no longer care about pleasing everyone I just worry about doing what is RIGHT and how it SHOULD be done. I have had many arguments with managers lately because they said I was being too bossy or not listening I just tell them, “You know what I am doing everything the way it is supposed to be done and if they have a problem to call our supervisor and talk to him about it. Of couse they shut up in fear because of couse they dont want me to ruin tere CAREER! Well this past weekend they have really got to me even with my new work attitude. I actually wanted to just quit on the spot in anger because I was accussed of stealing money, giving out wrong orders, being late, arguing with a manager, and being bossy towards crew-members. These were all lies and I was yelled at for each of them. Well remember my best friend I told about at the beginning well he left my store like 2 months ago for experiencing the same things as me. Well Im planning to ask for a transfer to his Mcdonalds which is a Wal-mart mcdonalds which is a lot smaller and only has three managers. He is must more happier there and I really hope everything goes good for me because now this just job is not about money for me it is about not giving up and showing people that I can what I want and no one can stop me. Be all that you can be!!!

Mcdonalds is a horrible company that care nothing about there employees and who is apart of stores management. One word of advise DO NOT APPLY FOR A JOB AT MCDONALDS IT IS MISERABLE, NOT THE WORK BUT THE PEOPLE ARE A BUNCH OF LOSERS!


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  1. I'm a college student and a floor manager for a very high volume McDonalds in San Antonio. If you're having so much trouble with the management team and you have tried talking to your store manager and supervisor, then you should transfer to another store or quit. I know it gets really stressful when it's busy. I also know that there are A LOT of bad managers out there. However, I also know that there are a lot of crew people that really aren't good workers but will swear on a bible they're the best workers there.
  2. Hi, Im 21 years old and I work at mcdonalds. I have worked there for about three years now. I have just recently been promoted to swing manager. However, to be honest, I have wanted to quit so many times, but I believe in sticking with a job and never giving in to frustration.<br />
    I hope to be finished with gradutate school within the next five years and doing international work.
  3. i am a mcdonalds manager and i hate it, i strongly recomend never applying to mcdonalds! once you get sucked in it sucks!!! i hate it too, and i know that anyone who applies thinks it is great at first, but it sucks the big one!!!
  4. Ok little feller. Let me let you in on something. Managers are just like everyone else, some are soft, some are hard, and some are losers. No matter where you work for the rest of your life you will have to deal with numerous personalities, various levels of intellect, and people of different values. Being a rat and snitching on people is not the way to win the battle. Transfering is not the way to win the battle either dude. You should, by your great attitude, persiverence, persistance to do what is right, resilience, and motivation take thier job and I don't mean jump over them. I mean take them out of the company by shining brighter than them. You will never change what is bad about a business by running. You say you are not quitting but you are if you go work at a different store. TAKE THE STORE OVER DUDE!!! I am telling you the truth, dont let them win.

    But remember it is not the problems people have had in the past that make them evil or bad. It is the person they choose to be. You should pray that the Lord look over them because when you push them out of the business you are doing good things for everyone involved.
    1. You are making more money and moving on in your career.
    2. You are creating a better work environment for the future and present employees.
    3. You are making those bad managers start over and maybe this time they will find God and learn their lesson (It is not about them).

    Don't Judge People though and don't blame this on MDONALDS. It is not a company who has helped the economy of this country by creating thousands and thousands of jobs for underpayed underachievers the opportunity to make money to support thier lives. McDonalds is great and you should be proud to be a part of an American Icon. Ronald Rules and so does Ray Kroc. Live on McDonalds.

    You friend and Yo Daddy
  5. My friend, as others say...don't blame McDonalds. They do alot of good things for alot of people. Don't quit or transfer, win your battle at this unit with diplomacy and dignity. As you get older you will reflect back at your challenges and learn from them, you will also see that what you are experiencing is unfortunately common in the work place. It's similar to not voting where you can't complain about the politicians.

    Keep a printed copy of your website and all the comments tucked away until you have a kid who is starting there first job, you will be amazed how you view points will nave changed.
  6. Im a manager at a mcdonalds. Yeah the store sucks like yours. I just wanted to let you know not all managers are that way =/ If I were you tho, I would just quit. You're only 16 and dont depend on an income. If its stressing you out so much, get out and save yourself. The only reason I've stayed with mcd's is because I'm financially dependant on my job.
    I'm kinda offended by that comment about "screwup managers" that only stayed in mcd's because they screwed up in life.
    I dont feel that I've screwed up in my life... I've gone to school and college and whatnot. It happens to everyone at some point they have to do what they've got to do to survive. And I'm not ashamed of that and I'm not afraid to stand up against people that do things the wrong way.
    Also you have to watch your approach. Come to them in a fake "understanding" way and they might do anything to help fix the problems. But go at them spouting off accusations and you'll probably get the cold shoulder.
    You talk about how the managers try to belittle you and stuff... I think thats true. But I also think its exaggerated. I mean, I dont go in to work every day planning and plotting to belittle that same girl like I do every day. I'd never do something like that, its just not in me. But seeing thru the minds and eyes of other managers... the whole point is they dont care at all.
    It might seem like they're belittling you on purpose, but I doubt they cared that much about it to put that much effort into it.
    You need to read up on your state's labor laws. Dont let them make you do stuff you dont have to do.
    If mcdonald's has ever taught me anything, its to watch out for myself and only help out those peeps that really need it.
    Besides... if they ask you to work longer than you're schedule to... you can always say no. You cant get fired because you didnt work extra. Dont be afraid. And so what if you get fired? Its not going to be the end of the world and its not going to ruin your life.
  7. hi, I'm a shift manager in a McDonalds in CA and although I know what you mean when you say you're stressed and stuff because of it, it also seems a bit exaggerated. I've had days where I just wanted to quit on the spot but I've gotten through it. Also, there are some bad managers but there are good ones too and you can't really accuse the managers of taking money from the cashiers if you don't see it yourself. Honestly, whenever I count the registers and it comes up short on someone, I feel really bad about it because I know they didn't take the money. I mean, I have to write them up even though I know they didn't and sometimes, people make mistakes handling change too because I've done that a couple times. Also, if you're willing to stay at the restaurant, why? There must be something good there to make you want to stay besides the money because I wouldn't think that you're independently supporting yourself. Even though I got really mad sometimes at McDonalds, there are days that I like too, especially some of the co workers there because we've gotten so even though I think there's a bad side, there's also a good side. Just tell the supervisor about the bad managers and why they are bad. I mean, there are bad managers but sometimes, I've had crew people who think they work really hard and think they know everything when they really don't...
  8. I am currently a manager in training and may I say.. I would love to quit too.. although I need the money for med school so I cant..... my reasons why I hate where I work

    1) I got promoted
    2) as crew I was given manager jobs cause the managers sat in the office all the time talking to friends (head office has noted this.. nothing has changed for more than a week though)
    3)I got transferred to this new store because I was a crew trainer
    4) I was given no option.. never asked if I wanted to leave, it consisted of my old head manager (whose store was absolutely the best) telling me the regional manager had moved me and that she and I had no say
    5)When your life is threatened every other week by customers I dont think you'd want to work there either!

    P.S: Watch out.. Im making a book Its all about the timing: My experience in Fast Food.
  9. yeah i worked for mcdonalds in the uk when i was a college, the people there were total to55ers, 5hit money and 5hit people. don't say it's helped the economy of america all it's helped with it the weight of america, lay off the double quarters chunk. yeah i reckon it will go down the pan soon, hey the new adverts over here are advertising the cleanliness of the place, don't believe it, i've seen some 5hit go down that will turn you green
  10. Dear god, I stumbled on this page whilst looking for some dirt on McDonalds.

    Go and get a better job if you're not happy, it really is as simple as that. You're spending valuable time harping on about how shit it is to work for these guys...MOVE ON.
  11. i am a floor manager at mcdonalds in the uk and i know what ur all talking about when i was a crew member i got all that to but now i am a floor manager (that does a shift managers job) i still get it all. although i only work nights and do closes and earn truck loads of money (i wish hehe). at the end of the day i go home knowing that i have the respect of most of the crew. inculding managers. and the pleasure of feeling good about my self becaise i have done a great job )and i even get told so). i dont know y but i just keep going back for more i have become alot more confident and bossey since i have work at mcdonalds but my sotre manager likes that. and the crew tell me if i am nasty then i just calm down and say i am sorry and they still respect me. but as u all have said i still get shouted at and all that stuff but i am a big man (in hight and musscles etc) so if they shout i shout then they u could say run. but hey its a job at the end of the day and as i have said i go home feelin great inside knowing i have done the right thing and a great job to the best of my abiltys thats all thats counts really right
  12. thats sad guys, i fell sorry for alot of you

    i was recently promoted to a swing manager position. and the atmosphere in our restaraunt is that of a family one, if someone quits we are all sad that they have left us, we have got some nice managers, generous at that. everyone here works well together, but we do sometimes get the odd employee that has a attitude about working at mcdonalds and they dont tend to last long
  13. Hi, I too work at Mcdonalds, have for 5 years, and never want to be a manager! Their job is too stressful. Most, where I work, are alot younger than I am. I have worked there longer than some of the managers have.
    Right now I get along well with almost all of my managers. In the past there were a few I could not get along with, but they are no longer there, are they?
    I did my job, and when these managers did things I felt questionable, I went to the store manager, and told them about it. Afterwards things were done differently. For example the one would do refunds for other cashiers on my drawer, and took money out of my drawer, and would not put it back later.
    After I told the store manager about it, they started making us put the receipt for the refunds in our drawers, after both the manager and worker had signed it, and written the reason for the refund. It is a hassle, and most workers didn't like it. To me though, it was protecting me from being accused of stealing.
    And yes there are workers who don't want to work, and make you work twice as hard, cause you have to do their job, and yours. There are those workers who feel they are the best workers there, and would never make a mistake! When they do & are told they had, they start pointing fingers at others! It is never "THEIR" fault.
    Where I work, it seems the job of cleaning the lobby is used as a punishment. If you ever miss work, for good or a bad reason, as soon as you come back, you are stuck in the lobby!
    Right now, I am fed up with a certain trainer, she is a nice person in general, but the things she does while training new people, I disagree with totally!! I have written a letter of complaint to the head office.
    She is to train people how to do their job, not inform them, or give her opions on how other crew members work. I have heard her tell new employees to ignore so & so cause they don't know what they are saying. Not to pay any attention to this manager, cause he flys off the handle over the smallest things!!
    I feel they should form their own opinions about these things. They may like the person, or get along better with them than this trainer does.
    For one, she is training , but doesn't know everything. I have worked with her in back drive through, and quickly rung in an order for 6 sandwhichs, and she was amazed!! "How did you do that?" She asked me. I thought to myself, you are a trainer and don't know how I did that? What are you teaching the new people?
    The manager she talked about does get angry when people are standing around talking and not working. He was backing drive-thru, and front counter, and had to ask several times for the grill workers to make a sandwhich. They didn't hear him, cause they were talking. He walked back there and said," Can you stop talking and make the sandwhich I asked for?" Because of this, he is referred to as being too picky, and grouchy. He was doing his job!
    At least, my pay, makes it worth the irritation, I get $ 8.20 an hour, I started out at $ 7.00, then went to $8, and then $8.20 after 2 dime raises. They are not giving raises, because of the economy, right now, and new workers start out at $7.50, now, not $8 like a few years ago!
    But compared to what most are saying their pay is on here, even managers, I feel blessed! I have changed my availibilty to about 25, 26 hrs a week. It was 32, none of us ever get 40 hrs a week. I was working 8am-5pm, and eeven customers would ask me," Don't they ever let you go home?" I would come home, eat and fall asleep on my sofa! I am getting tired of being so tired all the time! So I decided to work less hours!
    I also am now helping my son with his paper route, which means I have to wake up before 4:30 am, I help him roll the papers and load them into his bag. If I am to start work at 8 am, I usually wake up at 5 am. Then I was dead tired at the end of my day, but if I wake up before 4:30am that is even less sleep!
    So I asked to come in at 10am instead, so I can go back to bed at 5am, and get sfew more hours of sleep! Working at Mcdonalds, is very tiring!
  14. Hi, I'm also an employee of McDonalds. I've only been with the company for about 2 months. I decided to work there, where I could go to school at the same time. I'm only P/T. I'm going to college for ADN. McDonalds is pretty flexible with the schedules so I thought it would be the best place to work around my school schedule. Well just Yesterday, July 3,2004 My manager asked me if I would be interested in becoming manager. I did not give her a reply at the time, I needed to discuss it with my husband and also I thought it might get in the way with my schooling. Well, I went to work today an usual. One of the shift managers, whom I thought like me, I thought we got along just fine. Well she upset me all day. Doing things like embarresing me in front of customers along with other employees. Yelling at me for NO reason. It was just Horrible. She had me so upset I had to go to the back because I was crying in front of customers. Well when I went to the back, she clocked me out!! I never raised my voice at her or said anything bad to her at all. SHe just Wanted Me Fired!! I think I must be Taking Her Place!! I've finally got up with my main manager and told her the situation, but the other girl got to her before me and told her Lies. Well, I suppose to go back to work tomorrow, and the main manager said we'll fix this problem. I really hope, but before I go back, somebody is going to be apologizing to me for embarrasing me in front of customers and employees, for just being Hateful!! Does anyone out agree with me or have ever been in this kind of situation,. I just needed to talk to someone. So I would love for someone to write me back.
    Thanks, Lorie
  15. I am positive that this story is blown way out of proportion. As a manager of Mcdonads the corporation sets very high standards for its managment teams. This includes the Mcdonalds rule of working no more than 6 hours with a break, paid or unpaid. They keep track of who does and doesnt get a break. If you do not recieve a break the team is sent a note about this and reprimanded. McDoalds thinks about its crew as an important key to the customer experience and rarely treats them with disrespect as a whole. Another indiscreptancy Ive found in your story is, as a teenager you can work up to 28 hours by law in one week unless you are 18 and even if you are still in school you can work more. We have flexible schedules and if you would have communicated the trouble with your schedule to you scheduling manager Im sure the problem would have been fixed. With the new computer system it does not let us schedule minors for shifts over 8 1/2 hours during the school week, but on the weekends it is perfectly legal because you would recieve a 30 min break and therefore you do not work over 8 hours.
  16. i am so sorry that your management team is not taking their role in you life as seriously as the should. most mcd managers pride ourselves on being role models and i am sorry that one small % of the managers are the only ones you meet. do not judge the company or all managers there because of your expeirence (sorry my spelling is horrible) i wont say that my management team is great or even good but there are a couple of us that try our hardest to be fair and respectful. we have those lazy or mean managers and when i or the store manager here about anything that would give any concerns we take action. we also have a comment box in the crew room that crew can anonamously(spelling again)leave messages about specific events and managers so we know what is going on. i am only 22 but alot of our crew call me mom because our relationship is that close and i would not let anyone customers or other workers management included be mean or disrespectful towards them.
    the whole mcdonalds experience is supposed to be about learning to deal with the public and be a part of a team that is more like a family. i pray that none of my crew feel the way you do but remember that while high school is hard life is harder. and while you go to school 40 hrs a week and work 25-30. those of us who are out of highschool don't just work and party. we pay bills have relationships and a lot of stress along with it along with working40-60 hours a week while trying to pay the bill spend time with family make others happy while often bypassing ourselves. i have often worked 15 hours a day ( ignoring the fact i have a husband ,niece, mother,and bestfriend who are often needing attn.)so a high school student or two could have the night off for homework,football games or first dates. some of us are not so dedicatied to the company but to our fellow workers and owner/operators that are like family. always remember that you don't work for a company but for people who have fears , worrys and dreams just like you.
  17. I have been with McDonalds for quite some time and your story really saddens me. Let me first say to those that degrade McDonalds as a place to work. "You criticize McDonalds most likely because you COULD NOT do this job. Even if you wanted to. It demands a high energy level, teamwork, cooperation and hard work and other qualities, too numerous to list."
    To the young person having trouble on the job let me say this:
    I have opened many new stores and the first year is often a rough one. It's not for lack of trying, its just that it takes time for a Team to solidify into a performing unit. It takes time for everyone, Managers included to all adopt the same standards of effective communications. This is not how it should be but it is reality. This problem is not limited to McDonalds. I know you said you intend to transfer but I would encourage you to take steps to mend these relationships. You may not feel you should be the one to initiate reconciliation but you have nothing to lose and if you are successful you will have experienced a great learning.
    My suggestion is to have One on One discussions with those persons you are at odds with. Pick a time where both of you will not be interrupted and find a place in the store that is fairly private. Explain how you feel. Do not place blame. Statements like, "The other day I felt you raised your voice at me, and that really hurt my feelings" are more effective than just accusing.
    Be prepared to listen. You may hear something that is unpleasant.
    But if you are willing to change most likely so will they.
    Just make it real and on the level. Don't attack. Keep your voice and emotions in control. Good luck.
    McDonalds is a people business. Frequent and Honest communication is vital
  18. I'm in highschool working 40-60 hours a week and have only been working at mcdonalds for about 3months, sometimes i hate the job sometimes i like the job, i hate the job because almost all of the managers can hardly speek a word of english except my store manager which is can speek several languages, but its so hard to talk to my managers and i am always having to do their job because they can't understand the customers, usually i have to take the role of manager because all of the other employees are all new except the grill which none of them can speak english either and that is all they know how to do, i have been with mcdonalds longer than almost everyone most of which have quit, but i am always having to do everyones job and it stresses me out so much which is why i hate the job, most of the time i am in back drive thru taking orders and since noone eles is capable of doing that job i rarely get a break no matter how many hours i work, most of the time when i dont get a break is because the store manager wont let me, and then there is a new swing manager that i cant stand but she can speak english, because i am so use to having to do the managers job by dealing with all the customers i have gotten written up because of that from that one swing manager, my store managager and supervisor got it take off because they told me to deal with the customers, most of the time on the weekends i close then open which i realy hate. the reason i have continued to work here is because i like the crew memembers, i need the job, and all the managers that can hardly speek english are cool managers anyways from what i can understand from them and they like me. even tho its so stressful from everything i have to do at $6 an hour and having to deal with every customer and they can be realy mean which anyone that works fastfood or almost anywhere will know, i still enjoy working there but not for a career. i no i havnt worked there as long as some of you have but sometimes when you have to take the order run to the next drive thru order work the fountain, get the food and hand it out can realy suck depending on how busy it is, if i didnt have to run back and forth it wouldnt be that big of a deal, but when theres not very many cars it works out because i have to wait on the grill anyways.....but its still a job i will keep untill i am out of highschool and mayb even a little bit after highschool i dont like the going from job to job thing i dont think thats a way to live
  19. I hate you. YOu're a loser!
  20. Hello, I am a manager at a McDonald's in Florida. I can understand what you are sayining, because I have seen some mamngers act unprofessionally due to their position. Some people go through a power trip and those people make the worst kinds of managers -- I work with people like that and it is unbearable.

    But there are other managers that are like me, that lead with respect. I respect my crew, I help my crew and I would never belittle my crew. I wok really hard because I love my job and there is abesolutely nothing wrong with working at McDonalds.

    The CEO of McDonalds began as a grill man. In fact several top executives began as crew people. McDonalds is a begining, a transition, a career, or a step in the right direction. It just depends on who you are and what you want out of life.

    I already have an internship lined up with corporate, before long, my name will be added to the list of McDoanld's execs thatbegan as crew people.

    You need to stay focused on your goals. If Mcdonald's will take you there, ride it out. Do what you can to change those people -- I don;t know what -- hope they get fired, I guess. But always remember to look at the bigger picture, your future!
  21. what a fag
  22. thanks for telling us all something we already knew. working at mcdonalds sucks! wow how long did it take you to realize that in the real world nobody cares about you! welcome to reality!
  23. okay so i am a crew member at mcdonalds in leavenworth and i absolutley 100% love it! it has been teh best job in the whole world our managers are great and they wouldnt be that way if we didnt have a strong resturant manager who has only grown up with mcdonalds. the Dobskis own my mcdonalds and i must say that they do a superb job and there son michael is a great manager without him our store wouldnt be awesome. but my advice to you is talk to your resturant manager and see how you guys can make your store as great as ours!
  24. Well my friend I hate to see the misstreatment of our employees.
    I am a manager of a McDonalds, and I try to please the customers and my uppers always are looking at the numbers in the timers and don't look at the customers side. If there is a curtious staff, and a quality food it is always worth the wait. Because when they leave my store I need them to have a smile on their face. Of Coarse I try to make the wait as little as possible, I motivate my crew for speed, but i make it very clear to them that Quality of food is always a big priority. I am a big believer in timers but not in how fast the customer gets the food, but on food timers. I actually have the team members throw away food if it is'nt fresh. and i explain to the customers that the wait (which is never more than a couple of minutes) is due to freshness necessities that i have to maintain. My crew is always taken care of if there is something that they need than i don't care what i have to do to get them what they need to be good workers. Even as managment I will not allow Managers to just stand around and do nothing, we all help out if that means we get an order for 12 double cheeseburgers, i don't wait for the grill to either fall behind or ask for help, I jump right in and help and when i am there i will tell them if they aren't following procedures, but there is nothing that i ask them to do that i won't. I even do parking lot checks and clean up the parking lot when i am not supposed to and supposed to have one of them do it. It is always who you work with not where you work.
    Take care and i apologise if your experience hasn't been great for you. I just wish i could have you work at my store and show you how it is supposed to be ran.
  25. ive been there working for six years and i been loyal to them. thay tret me like shit and thay dont respect me for who i am. i wanted to be manager and thay told me to take a look at myself. i am tired of the adversity there. i have a diffrent last name to myself and thay dont like me because of my last name. I have watched people i have seen in the company get promoted over me when i was there longer than them. thay say so much thing to you that hurts your feelings. Now i have decided to find another job and i now dont care about being a manager. it feels like im a slave there casue i cant leave there cause i have no job and to support me but this one. i talk my problems out to my boss and my other fellow managers but thay tend not to listen to me and ignore that i have to say. Thay threatend so much where the point hat dont want to care . Im on my way of getting out of there but this might happen to other people now. If you dont work at mcdonalds do not go there you will hate it. Im not saying this is going to happen to you im saying this could happen to you. theres alot of more shit that happens at that hell hole.
  26. Quote:
    Originally posted by SweetDream
    Im a manager at a mcdonalds. Yeah the store sucks like yours. I just wanted to let you know not all managers are that way =/ If I were you tho, I would just quit. You're only 16 and dont depend on an income. If its stressing you out so much, get out and save yourself. The only reason I've stayed with mcd's is because I'm financially dependant on my job.
    I'm kinda offended by that comment about "screwup managers" that only stayed in mcd's because they screwed up in life.
    I dont feel that I've screwed up in my life... I've gone to school and college and whatnot. It happens to everyone at some point they have to do what they've got to do to survive. And I'm not ashamed of that and I'm not afraid to stand up against people that do things the wrong way.
    Also you have to watch your approach. Come to them in a fake "understanding" way and they might do anything to help fix the problems. But go at them spouting off accusations and you'll probably get the cold shoulder.
    You talk about how the managers try to belittle you and stuff... I think thats true. But I also think its exaggerated. I mean, I dont go in to work every day planning and plotting to belittle that same girl like I do every day. I'd never do something like that, its just not in me. But seeing thru the minds and eyes of other managers... the whole point is they dont care at all.
    It might seem like they're belittling you on purpose, but I doubt they cared that much about it to put that much effort into it.
    You need to read up on your state's labor laws. Dont let them make you do stuff you dont have to do.
    If mcdonald's has ever taught me anything, its to watch out for myself and only help out those peeps that really need it.
    Besides... if they ask you to work longer than you're schedule to... you can always say no. You cant get fired because you didnt work extra. Dont be afraid. And so what if you get fired? Its not going to be the end of the world and its not going to ruin your life.

  27. Well i work for Mc Donalds in Australia, and its my first job, iv had it for about a year now. About a month ago i was ready to quit but a few of my managers there have been really great helping me get back on my feet again. Last week i was asked if i wanted to be promoted to a crew trainer, i said yes. The crew trainer Developement program is kinda hard but im sure ill finish it soon. Id just like to say, out of the past year i have been workign at maccas there has been only one person/crew rainer who i didnt like at my store. Neither did anyone else. He was mean, un-polite and talked to all the front counter girls like shit :>
    so he has left maccas now, he was fired
    I love my job and the people who work with me. Im sure i will be staying at maccas for at least 5-10 more years to come.
  28. and everytime the advice to talk to your supervisor or restaurantmanager... Well it's all ass-licking-politics in the McDonalds (well, in Holland it is). One manager loves the other one, so don't leave any critics on them or they'll fire you and hire a new loser to do your stupid job.

    And no.. I also work at the McDonalds. Poor me!
  29. u all are so rude and inconsiderate. and namecalling is just as bad as any mcdonald's store/resturaunt or know/blow/relate to manager(s) or employees.
    stop it already. grow up you guys, and girls.
    i've worked at McD's before and i hated it. yes it does suck. and if we're just gonna sit here and talk about how much we hate it, then we are no better than those who treated and still treats us bad.
    obviously we cannot go to the "main" managers, because they are all related in some way. so i'm speaking for myself. i'm going to a higher level.

  30. Quote:
    Originally posted by Unregistered
    I hate you. YOu're a loser!
    that's what i'm talking about in my previous post...
  31. Quote:
    Originally posted by Unregistered
    what a fag
    and this too. lose the name calling. it's childish.
  32. I honestly have no idea what all of you people are talking about. I have been wroking at McDnoalds for almost 2years now and i love it. Im still crew but im making good money still .. $7.45p/hr/ the managers i do not think they are un reasonable at all and most of them are awsome to be around and talk to. Mcdonalds is a fun and enjoyable place to work so i dont understand what the hell you people mean by saying it is hotil or that the mangers steal or change ur punch times. You are all just trying to make it look a lot worse than it really is. You get help when you need it free uniforms and u make some really amazing friends along the way INCULDUING the managers. i would tell ANYONE to apply at mcdonlads.. Our mcdonlads is a very hard job to get. hundreds of people apply and only a select few get in.
  33. Investor in people, yeah right

    the only reason they are eligable for such status is because they have such a high crew turnover and employ a vast amount of people.

    let me tell you i spent five years of my life, part time whilst i was studying working for this god forsaken company and let me tell you i learnt a lot about work and life there.

    i was a glorified crew member (floor manager) where for every 6 month appraisal i was offered a 5 pence/hour pay rise for my efforts, i wasnt eligable for the maximum 15 pence because in my seniors mind wasnt working hard enough.

    i say bollox to this slave driving company and all they stand for.

    they do not follow procedures and cut corners everywhere possible. they just make you do whats they have trained you to do when they are expecting a visit for 'someone important',m what a crock of shit.

    if you really want to learn about the real world especially what it feels like to be exploited, go work for macdonalds
  34. Hmm, I love/hate my mcjob.

    i was trained as a back, but they put me on cash every now and then.

    i work more hours than most of the people do there in a week (ex, I'm part time but I am working 76 hours, monday to monday) I get praised and praised on my skill in the back, on all of the stations..yet the slow, stupid, annoying people (who get yelled at for consantly messing up) always get employee of the month.

    Bleh. I'd just like some recongintion.

    They dosuck you in. So many times I've wanted to quit, and now I'm letting them switch me to overnights on weekends (I'm under 18, so it's illegal) and screw me over with hours.

    The managers there are all great, we had one hard one but he just quit. The crew, most of them are ok. I get along with them all, but there's a few who annoy me.

    &all I want is to get promoted.

    *sigh* I'm sad. Their brainwashing tactic's have gotten to me. Break free before they claw you in.
  35. i know just what you mean!! I've worked at McDonalds for a year now and i want out!!! Plus they chop down the rainforests in third world countries in order to raise their beef cattle. Corruption...
  36. I just gave my two weeks notice at the Mcdonalds I work at here in Canada for pretty much the same reasons.

    I wasnt the greatest worker, I admit that. But I was not respected AT ALL there and would continuously get lobby shifts, just because the shift manager knew I hated working lobby.
    He was the biggest jerk in the entire world. 35 year old gay man who only respected the boys that worked with us. He would buy them alcohol and take them to his apartment (yeah, sick I know).
    And because I dont have a penis, I wasn't respected at all.
    He even hung up on me when I called in sick once. Then told the store manager that I had someone mouthing him off in the background to save his ass from getting in trouble.

    I just wanted to say that I know what you mean about not being respected at all, and feeling like shit because of it.
  37. Quote:
    Originally posted by Unregistered
    I honestly have no idea what all of you people are talking about. I have been wroking at McDnoalds for almost 2years now and i love it. Im still crew but im making good money still .. $7.45p/hr/ the managers i do not think they are un reasonable at all and most of them are awsome to be around and talk to. Mcdonalds is a fun and enjoyable place to work so i dont understand what the hell you people mean by saying it is hotil or that the mangers steal or change ur punch times. You are all just trying to make it look a lot worse than it really is. You get help when you need it free uniforms and u make some really amazing friends along the way INCULDUING the managers. i would tell ANYONE to apply at mcdonlads.. Our mcdonlads is a very hard job to get. hundreds of people apply and only a select few get in.
    hahahaha funny.
  38. Why the hell are you guys wasting your time in the fast food industry and bitching about it. Your killing yourself stressing and the time thats going down the drain while you make burgers for some fat assed bitch who is to lazy to grill her own. Plus you have to work around some lard asses that smell and look like crap. Everyone thinks your a tool too. They just don't admit it because your touching their food.

  39. Ive been working at McDonalds for 10 years and never got promoted to management but the others who worked there less years then me are promoted.
  40. defeat your fears, your changllenges or be defeated. it is that simple.
    When you're crew n' you will see what manager is bad or good. Be a good manager as the way you want to be. It's not just about Mcdonalds. From my point of view, mcdonalds has a great atomsphere, rules, and freedom for everyone to work. It's not about a company but the way you're dealing people with. Think about this. It must be your weaken side because you feel stressed. What if you can learn from that and turnning it to your strong side. You can be either a crew or manager as the way you like to be. No matter what.
  41. yeah, it's sucks. ive been there for a year and 5 months and im finally moving on. i've been fortunate to have really awesome coworkers (for the most part) a few awesome of which is like a second mommy to me! im leaving though because the pay is crap...let's just say that, cause we all know that anyway. also, im honestly tired of all you smartass come in there, acting like you are royality and then talk down to us just because we're in black in white? yeah and i stopped trying to be nice to all of you ages ago...grr...anyway...another thing is mcdonalds has alot of stupid rules, such as their fraternazation policy...for their information, im pretty damn sure that at MOST mcdonalds, anywhere....some of the managers & crew are friends and whats it their decision to say who you can and cannot hang out with outside of work? and NO, just cause you are friends outside of work does NOT mean that you will get special treatment or favoritism...and to end my little vent, i heard this on a comedic routine and it's so true. maybe if mcdonalds would cut back on it's advertising, they could afford to pay their workers an extra dollar an hour. advice to anyone reading this is that if you honestly love talking to/dealing with rude customers for 8 hours a day...working in the heat and making sandwiches...then good for you, go work at mcdonalds. they'll hire just about anyone. seriously. but it's a good job to have while you are in high school (thats what i did from junior year till after graduation...) but seriously,
  42. ok hez my opinion

    If u guys don't like working at mc donalds LEAVE!! ur wasting u fuking life get a job u effing enjoy and something ur good at. If u like it HEAPSS! working at mc donalds and can put up wif da shit and like da retail industry GOOD ON YA! I SUPPORT U!! might become a well fukn decent resturant manager or have really great retail experience to get in any retail job u want.

  43. Reading this tells me that i am not alone I worked with Mcdonalds for 8 years 6 of those were as a shift manager. I could believe the way i was treated and the way others were treated as well. It seems that you dont fit in the company UNLESS you "CAN" do one of the following:
    1.make sexual remarks somone of the same or opposite sex
    2.Treat people as though the should not care about anything but make the owner/operater and supervisors rich
    3.Steal something of value like a deposit out of the safe
    4.Tell people that the never work hard enough even though they spend 14-18 hours a day at work
    5. Be a dick and not give any of your managers raises and if you do 5 cents and give the shift manager your sleeping with no hours and lots of pay.(sorry dont bend over that far)
    6.Expect perfection and not progression and being afraid to admit that perfection is just an illusion when you have unhappy people working for it
    7.Tell ing a person that is have money problems(because they are working for McDonalds) To forget about your family while you are at work it doesnt matter(Blood is thicker than Arches)
    8. not honoring or respecting others ideas and thoughts.
    9.making sure you call the hospital and tell the patient to get in here and do your inventory.
    10.Be a total jerk off
    11.Lie straight to someones face

    If you can do this more pwoer to you you are qualified to work as a bitch i mean at a management level at mcdonalds.
    all of this have been tested in the company i worked for. These people names have not been named because im not a jerk off.
    I could not do any of these so I didnt make it. I could go on but those are just highlights and yes these people that have done this are still currently workin for this company.
  44. I'm a crew person for McDonald's. I've worked there for over a year now, and been offered to become management. I've recieved employee of the month twice, and I have to say this... It sucks really bad. I declined management because they'll never be able to pay me for half the bullshit that's dealt with on a daily basis. That along with the benifits that I'll never get to see. I'm still waiting for my health insurance.
  45. I can do it easily.
    after 5 years of experience.
    its hard but if you practice you will be able to do it. you dont have to throw food away, because do teh correct amount and it wont go out of time. do too little and people have to wait. just practice it for one day.
  46. MAN OH MAN WHERE DO I START. lmao this is the funniest thing i have read in A LONG TIME i just had to sign up so i can commment. Well articulated story, i felt your pain. I use to work at McDonalds and everythng you said is so true! Its so sad because McDonalds is this multi-billion dollar company who hires the worst managers and adults that make the time that teens spend there miserable!
    Most people who work there are miserable and have no future goals. No, i am not knocking the fact that McDonalds gives opportunities because indeed it did put money in my bank account, however, it will have you asking yourself, "Are those new clothes really worth it?!" Or for that fact, whatever you are trying to buy with those sweaty paychecks. Being at McDonalds however, has gained me a new found job expierence and taught me vauable lessons about dealing with volatile and eccentric people. Thus, i think i am able to do handle pretty much any position that i will take on in the future.

    Anyway, I am so happy you decided to not quit, but transfer. That is a very smart move. Something i should have done.

    Thank you for sharing that lovely story!
    I think i will have to read it again!
  47. Okay there will always be certain work places that will not let you be who you can be and will always put you down. I'm a cashier at my Mom's McDonald's (she owns four in New Jersey) and she works to the point where she comes home and passes out because she stays there the whole day trying to get the true meaning of customer service through her workers heads. If her workers would even once do any of those things you mentioned they would be fired on the spot. I'm sorry the McDonald's you worked for miserably fails but getting a job at McDonald's is a good career to start you off on life. And I'm just like you trying to be the best you can be and such. I'm fourteen and going to high school and I'm going to a charter high school for preforming arts so I know that it may seem like a job at McDonald's is a loser job but I can understand where you're coming from. And please forgive me if I came across rude in any way possible.
  48. ok i googled for dirt on McD's and came upon THIS......... not exactly lama patties but it still makes me SICK... when i was 16 i worked at a PRE-SCHOOL and i had to clean other people's kids SNOTTY NOSES and CHANGE their NAPPIES ok, and i didnt look for a site like this to go dish up lip service on my work coz - get this - AT LEAST I HAD A JOB!
    no im a P/A to the biggest developer in my province BUT if i didnt want to start at the bottom i would have drifted from one sucky place to the next looking for the golden goose........

    if you hate it so much that you do something like this JUST LEAVE
    this is soooooooooo sorry...................
  49. I can't wait to work here (McDonald's...). Think about it. Who does not like/love McDonald's? When growing up. Where is your favorite place to eat? And There are so many opportunities! Available in ALL 50 states, and then some (Internationally...). I just applied so I'm still waiting for the call

  50. I had a wonderful experience working at McDonalds.I was in college when I started to work as a service crew. I have lots of happy memories with my fellow crew and with my managers. Those memories will be treasured in my heart forever.
  51. Dude, stop complaining. If it was that bad why didn't you quit?? There are plenty of McDonalds' in your area. Not every McDonalds' is like that. And it's freakin' good money for teenagers. Would you rather have nothing and or the 7.50 or higher per hour? Working at a bigger McDonalds' is better anyway. You get wayyyyyy better hours. Gosh, I don't why people complain about something you can resolve yourself! Just be lucky you have a job! There are plenty of people would LOVE your job because they've been laid-off and can't find a job.
  52. Hi found your article doing a literature search on another topic. I am possibly twice your age and have been in the workforce for to long to remember, but all the things you describe I a have come across. I both manage, and have a manager. My manager is a narcissistic person with a Borderline Personality Disorder. I like my job, but you trying working with a manager, who can do everyone's job, better than they can. There is no way to deal with these type of people. You just have to get on with it, knowing that they will be putting you down behind your back, and taking credit for your good work. You just have to work in the hope that these type of managers get found out and will leave. Hopefully a manager with half decent management skills will start, and you never know it may be you some day, just don't use the fore mentioned managers as a mentor. Use their pathetic behavior as a "how not to"...
  53. There is good news and bad news. The good news is, you're going to get out that kind of crap while other people will be doing it their whole life. The bad news is, there are jerks everywhere you go and people who lie, cheat, steal, pass the buck and set others up to take their fall.

    I remember having to work at a burger joint as a teen and I remember the same sorts of things. Late nights (illegal for them to require at that age), rude and untrustworthy managers etc. That's McDonalds and the McJob. Now you know why you don't want to be doing that for a living, so use it. Don't let your grades slip. Keep your eyes on university and a real career.

    Trust me, I came from a poor family and had to work crap jobs full time from the time they'd let me work until I started my first job in my career. You can do it, just don't get side tracked (partying too much or getting someone pregnant etc are the quickest ways to ensure you will work at McDonalds the rest of your life. I kid you not.)
  54. I currently work at a very busy McDonalds branch in England and i hate it there i can relate to everything you said, so it seemd the same is wherever in the world you work. I am also hoping to get into a top university to study Physics and i know my way around numbers and I an not stupid but many cusomers and some managers seem to think i am incapapble of couting out a few pounds or counting the float of my till, I get yelled at if they change their minds after they have payed and there is nothing i can do about it, and getting told I have to work faster and give them what they want which I cant always do seeing as the flurry and shake machine always seem to break and the kitchen staff do not work anywhere near as hard as they could. I am now looking for a anew job but have got nothing but rejections and I am starting to think that this is because I have Mcdonalds on my record andthey think I will be like the stereotype of the workers and it is really getting me down as I job makes me want to cry as I need to work overtime over the summer to save up for a festival and would not be happy working there 37 hours a week.
  55. Hello. And Bye.