Lobby Goddess…………..career receptionist

I’ve worked in a variety of reception jobs for over 20 years. I am attracted to the work over and over again even though I’ve earned two bachelor’s degrees and have worked in some glamour fields (tv, modeling, fashion etc).

People often ask why do you do this work when you could find a “better” job. Well, I tell them — it’s the perfect job for someone who wants to be part of the action but not be in the eye of the storm.

Receptionist work can be more than answering telephones and greeting customers. It’s a stage where you get to be the star. It’s a ringside seat to the best action in companies where there are any number of intrigues and controversies going on. People tell you all the dirt, and people talk in front of you (as though you were invisible) about stuff I wouldn’t confess to a priest. I find it all pretty amusing.

Of course, I can get away with surfing the net on the guise of “researching” topics and submit articles like this one. I also love the fact that you get to “doll up” for the job if you want. I come up with special colors and outfits and love the attention I get.

Downsides, there are plenty–but all jobs have them. Also receptionist work is virtually recession proof. No one likes to deal with the phones if they are “stuffy, pretentious yuppie types” so it leaves the field wide open for the likes of me while those “i’m too good for that types” subsists on ramen soup weeks after their severance pay has dried up and no one is hiring their .com ceo butts even to file paperwork! think I’m delusion, you’re probably right–but I AM employed and in this economy that’s what matters.

So if you want be “create” an exciting career but leave it there when you go home to the family–I highly recommend being a receptionist.