Frustrated by the kids’ situations… teacher

I am currently teaching high school science in NYC. I have never been so depressed in all of my life!

I used to love working with kids but now I am ready to leave. This is my second year teaching but I’ve been working with kids for about 6 years now. Their home lives are often horrible and the education dept. wants to make you responsible for what they do. Some have just gotten out of homeless shelters, group homes, jail and God knows where else. Many of them do not speak English (even the ones born here) let alone write a complete sentence.

I do work with the seniors and many of them are OK, but even some of them are SUPPPER Seniors whose time has long gone.I have a few 18 year old sophomores who show no sign of leaving high school anytime soon.

In 5 years I pray that I will still have my sanity. In 30 years I would like to have a position at a University.Before anyone gets into teaching, be sure it is really what you want to do.