Want to be a Hated Male Nurse?….nurse

I’ve been a male nurse for 15 years. The profession is in shambles. There is no brotherhood. Nurses rise above their peers by finding faults with them and exposing them.

I am hated by my female peers. Imaging being a very attractive male nurse and going to work with unattractive women who have lives in shambles. When I float to ICU, none of the female nurses will talk or acknowledge me in any way. However, when my shift is over they are like flies on stink going over my notes looking for problems.

All the nurse managers I’ve ever seen are nothing more than pawns for administration who suck forward and shit behind – its called having no backbone for fellow nurses and selling out to facilities who never have had nurses best interests in mind and for what? The pay is not any better.

If nursing was an all male profession, we would make our demands and we would get them or walk. Could you imaging a bunch of women saying O.K. girls grab your shotguns and get out on the picket-line?