bar worker…..people get stuck at the Irish pub

(The speaker is Irish and visiting his old pub of employment in Munich, an Irish pub)

Once, I worked here…and I worked here for a long time. I used to walk down the stairs every day. And when I walked in here, my heart would fall…my heart would just die.

And it was very nice…I like the people and I loved everything that happened here. But people who come from Ireland, they end up sticking to a place. They come here and get stuck here.

The weird thing is that I can see their faces in corners here and there. I’ve tried to get away from it. I knew if I came back here, I’d end up drinking here like a regular punker or so…like the people in that corner over there who are a bunch of alcaholics…

The ugly thing about here is that it drags out the nasty, uncontrollable….like you are seventeen years of age and you don’t know what drinking is about. I wasn’t seventeen when I worked here, but I might as well have been 14. I had no idea why I was here…what I was doing….