I hate nursing also……nurse

I went to nursing school like alot of others at this site and unfortunately I hate being a nurse too!

I went to school with the idea that I could specialize in anything. So I tried psych because I thought I would enjoy it. I enjoyed my patients however, I was a new nurse and was continuously watched after by another nurse who insulted me at everything and when I asked for help she simply refused. I ended up going through so much stress from it that I quit.

I agree with the person who said on this site that you take tremendous guilt for going through all of the years of schooling from your family everyday. That rings true for me so much that I want to move out of state.

I don’t think that a person who hates nursing lacks compassion and hates life in general. I believe that I am a very loving person who made the wrong choice. I enjoy helping people and I find the nursing profession very cut throat. It is a shame that so many experienced nurses are so inconsiderate to the ones who just graduated. I find that most of them do not want to help new nurses and are constantly stabbing them in the back.

The profession has gone under and it is no wonder that there is such a shortage!