Unhappy in nursing profession too….10 year RN

I have been an RN for nearly 10 years now and I must agree with many of the others who wrote their stories.

I always wanted to be a nurse, because I like people and thought I would really want to work helping them. But, the reality of the job is utterly overwhelming. I’ve tried long-term care,home health, dialysis nursing, physician office and now in-hospital on a Rehab unit. I have yet to really find anything I loved.

We are almost always short-staffed both nurses and aides. We are being pulled to other floors now due to the shortage of nurses. I was pulled to a MICU and I’ve never done that type of nursing ever!! I was a nervous wreck, these patients were very high aquity, on tele, multiple lines etc. I received no orientation, just here are your 8 patients…go to it. It was nerve-wracking.

The other nurses were actually pretty nice, but also buried in work and trying to keep their own work up. More and more patients seem to feel we are maids or slaves. I have been verbally abused by patients and families more times then I care to recall, and basically you have no recourse. They can tear you up, but being a “professional” I am not allowed to respond in kind. We have too many patients to be able to provide good care and so everyone suffers the patient most of all.

What other profession requires you to chart every thing you do? Imagine how difficult your job would be if you not only had to do all your work, but then had to stop and write down everything you did too. Computer charting, care plans, bowel and bladder sheets, Medicare and Medicaid forms, medication administration records, not to mention actual patient care which seem to come last anymore. No wonder the patients are upset. They set you up to fail in this profession.

Unless you have been in the nursing profession as it is today and has been for the last years you cannot understand the stress. I too, am worried I am going to miss something important with a patient. They push you beyond your ability to do a good job. Also, the physicians dump on you as well. I’ve worked both day and night shifts. Forget about trying to call a Doc in the middle of the night. I’ve been screamed at, cursed at and hung-up on by doctors. I cringe when I have to call a doc at night. I feel trapped too.

I was a secretary before nursing and also worked as a customer service rep for a mortgage loan company. None of those jobs pays much, so now I am trapped because I have bills which need my nursing paycheck.

My husband doesn’t want me to quit because he likes the good money, so he isn’t too supportive about this. Please consider this: I always liked caring for people and I still do. But, they won’t let you do it right. They would rather you spent your whole shift writing down what you did or intend to do rather then freeing you up to give good care. This is no way for people to be treated. The way nursing is today, yes I hate it.

I am actively searching for a different job or more education. Please do not critisize those of us who are telling you the reality of nursing. All of the nurses I work with are unhappy too! Don’t try to tell me or these other nurses that we don’t have compassion.

We are compassionate enought to try and do excellent work and no one notices or appreciates it as far as management goes. Walk a couple of miles in a nurses shoes before you knock us for telling it like it is.