Graduate Scheme of large multinational company….software tester

I met the some of the people who worked for the company at a graduate recruitment fair, and so after coming back from working aboard I decided to
apply as they all seemed cheerful enough. Big mistake.

I am a developer but for the past 10 months I have been software testing. The software is amongst the worst I have ever seen, and the test methods leave a lot to be desired.

The boss on my first project was and still is a bully. However that made the team split into two unequal parts – the people with him and the people who can’t stand him (the large majority).
This guy doesn’t like informing people of project deadlines so you would get given a piece of work and not know whether to spend 4 days on it or 4 weeks. He doesn’t like training new people on his team cos that wastes time, and some how people who have never done any programming before are suppose to know how to use automated test tools in the way he wants them used. The software is released randomly so you could be testing something one release and find that you are actually testing it on another one. Anyway he would try and make anyone on the team feel small if they couldn’t work under this uncertainty, infront of other team members.

When people left to go and work on another project, he would agree a leaving date with them so they
could finish or pass on their work. He would then sulk and ignore them for as long as possible ie about 5 days then suddenly would just come to them and tell them to go home NOW.

He tried this with me and it didn’t work as I had higher people involved.

According to the people on the team who have worked for the company the longest, he is one of the worst managers in the company. The company arranged many meetings to tackle the staff morale problem, as everyone in the team put in for transfers, but it never has occurred to them to move the manager on.

Anyway on the project I am now on I have never seen so many meetings and excuses for using large words. The software is still badly written and built but the test methods are much better.

I spend my days trying not to fall asleep or go completely mad. Everytime I need some entertainment
I look at one of the company’s documents and realise I have lost it.

Oh the graduate scheme is a joke. There are no courses to go on. Everything is on the job training.
This would be fine if they hadn’t pretended they actually sent people on courses when they interviewed me and in their recruitment literature. My last company said they didn’t train people. Strangely enough they did.

The company vision extends to all things including the christmas dinner. They send an email out to everyone three weeks before christmas telling them to pick thei meals . Seven days later after everyone had picked their meals they send an email out saying they couldn’t afford christmas dinner for the mass of employees. Somehow they managed to afford it for the people at head office though. This was an unfortunate leak.

Well at least when the economy picks up I know I am off to work for a small company. I would work for myself but the UK government has to change the tax laws to make it worthwhile.