good ol boy atmosphere that runs to the capitol……Department of Transportation

If there are any persons who are thinking of employment with the Department of Transportation in North Carolina please rethink your decision.

I worked for them for a number of years and watched the political dirtiness that was used to fire and harass people on the job.There is a “Good Ol Boy” type of atmosphere that runs all the way to the capitol.I was in Highway Maintenance Division #9 in Rowan county.There the division engineer (name deleted)was allowed to treat the employees any way he wanted and he was backed completely by the chain of command.

It was useless to go to Human Resources for help.As soon as you left the meeting with them the engineer would know who you were and what was said.Afterwards he would work spite games till he made you quit or he found something to fire you for.There is nowhere you can turn for help.You have to take it or leave.

They try to make out like it’s a nice place to work to get people to come there but shortly afterwards they start attacking you if you aren’t in the “click”.It quickly becomes a very stressful atmosphere.They stay below the employee quota due to this and the other employees have to double up on jobs to cover the shortage.They stay around 20% short at all times.The governor has frozen pay and hiring to make things worse and benefits are almost gone.So you can’t get a raise or leave by transferring out.You are at a dead end.

Again,if you think you might want a job with them do some checking around first.You’ll find out it will pay to do it.