My life as a Manager….McDonalds manager

I work for a licensee of Mcdonalds.I started out as a crew person in a corporation owned store within a year i was promoted and trained as a manager..When I moved to out of the city,I didnt work for a year or so.So when I decided to work again..well why not MCDONALD’S!

Ok so I go and work as a manager in a little inside walmart mickys and within a year from this point I am moved up to a salary position in a small freestanding store.

I didnt get along with my supervisor and seemed to be making too many mistakes for his taste and I request a transfer.I move stores and oddly do really well after that(thank god for the ability to get away from the people you hate)

I was given the opportunity to run my own in walmart store did that for 10 months loved all but the last 3 months LOL they kept taking my goodmanagers and putting them in other stores leaving me with the crap. store manager is a 24 hour job ugh!!

I love doing what i do 90% of the time.

Let me tell you about the other 10%…

everyone wants your attention,employees,customers,supervisors..people in person, on the phones,mail.

They want to speak with the manager and if they still dont get thier way they want your that point, I

point to the sign and tell em they can call if they want..I know the rules and my boss will back me because I try to do right.

When people do not show up for work,guess who has to 1. find a replacement 2. stay.

I would just like to take this moment to ask all people who eat out,and you all do..treat the person serving your food with respect.if it wasnt for people in the service industry you would have no one to do everything for you so you can relax.we all have jobs and just because someone works at *a fast food joint* doesnt make them less of a person.