A Motel Manager’s Job is Stressful

As a general manager of a motel I must say that it is one of the most lonely jobs there is. My employees are lazy and there doesn’t seem to be anything that will motivate them. The sales pressure is extreme and I alone am responsible for making sure that somehow, without my employees actually having to get off their asses, meet sales goals. THEN I have to make sure that our rooms are perfect. That may not sound like much, but add that to all the baby mamma drama, flat tires, boohoo I need gas money bitching from the staff, throw in a few customers from hell for good measure and it makes for one hellish experience.

I work 70 to 80 hours a week. My paperwork is NEVER done and I swear it reproduces on my desk overnight. I promote people that work hard and they quickly prove unworthy. Whining and moaning about the responsibility. Um, that is what happens when you get promoted, otherwise it wouldn’t pay more.

It is exhausting. Guests can complain about anything, true or not, post it on the web, call the 800 #….it’s awful. I’m not sure what takes over people when they step into a hotel. They turn into psycho snobs from hell. The nicest looking old lady can suddenly turn into BTK. All because she didn’t get her AARP discount. When you correct it, she’ll snatch the paper out of your hand and let you know she’s telling the higher ups. LOL! As if there ARE higher ups. Call the 800#! That only punishes good places that care. For the most part, hotel GMs and owners DON’T CARE. That makes things hard for those of us that do care and are trying. Calling the 800 number for anything only hurts people that actually give a shit about their customers. If they don’t care, calling the 800 # or God won’t make a damn bit of difference. Here is a novel idea, why don’t customers try calling the GM directly BEFORE calling the 800 # and try to let them resolve any issue. People call the 800# first, mostly trying to see what they can get for free.

Everyone wants something for free. Day in and day out. People today just seem so much out for themselves. We offer a free breakfast and you would think that people had never had a free bagel. They literally will knock people out of the way to get to the toaster. And god help america if you let the milk run low. They run for the desk like the lobby’s on fire. “You need milk. HEY! You’re out of milk. Is someone going to replace the milk?” Meanwhile they are lined up 6 deep at the desk to check out and the phone is ringing off the hook. Yes, milk and bagels are currently my priority anyone with a 2nd grade education can see that I must drop everything and replace the milk so your’re fat ass can have 6 bowls of rice crispies that you don’t even like, but they’re free and don’t think that we don’t notice the 8 danish you stuffed in your pockets! This business is unreal.

There are good customers out there. Happy to have a clean room and efficient service. Then there are others who bitch for the sake of bitching. They seem to have been cloned in a special hell for motel managers. There are far more of them then there are of the nice ones. I actually had a woman call me 2 months after her stay to call and say that she had been bitten by a spider when she stayed at my property and demanded a discount on her new reservation. WHAT PLANET DID YOU COME FROM? I asked her if she had the spider with her so I could try to identify it and make sure it was actually a spider from our property. lol.

Lots of people don’t complain of noise or odors when they should, right away so their room can be switched or something could be done about it – oh no – that wouldn’t get them a discounted rate on their room. Ah, the days I’ve had to clean 24 or more rooms because of housekeepers calling in – not with the flu mind you, like every other job in the world, no, they’ve been arrested or are too hungover to work or (my all time favorite) they have their period!

And I would like to say that the front desk clerks are less inclined to stupidity, however, that is not the case at all. If anything they are worse since they tend to be a tad smarter then the housekeepers and figure out more quickly how little work they have to do to get by.

There is not a single member of my staff that would stop and pick up a piece of garbage. (I have tested this theory.) They will leave the garbage there for days….hows that for ownership? And it is not for lack of effort in motivating them on my part – I’ve tried trips, cash, certificates of achievement, praise….the list is endless. The bottom line is they just don’t get it.

I suppose that is why there are those of us who make it and those of us that don’t in the world. I make more money then ANY motel manager in my field (based on motel size) and have no one breathing down my neck for the most part. There is some micro managing here and there but it is not unbearable. The sales pressure gets daunting….
I was hired based on previous successful management positions, compared to them this is the hardest job I have EVER had – and I’ve had some doozies. Most motel managers I have found get promoted from (yikes!) housekeeping. Hang around long enough and you’ll get promoted.
If you’re thinking about motel management, be prepared a strong sales background will definately help, so will experience as a kindergarten teacher, police officer, psychotherpist and punching bag. In order to be fully qualified, one needs experience in each of these fields. If you don’t have it, you will have by the end of your third year.

I hope this entry leads people into a less stressful position like air traffic controller or brain surgeon.