Lawyering is great if you have the personality for it….patent attorney

I’m a practicing patent attorney and I like my job. The money is great and there’s always some excitement around the office (i.e., someone’s getting fired).

However, law isn’t for everybody. Competition is the heart of the profession. Thus, ruthless individuals w/o high morals rise to the top faster than in other professions. Also, intelligence of the common sense variety is a LOT more important than book smarts. At my office, the attorneys that have spent a large amount of time in acedamia (e.g., Ph.Ds in biochem, M.S.’s in Physics) are consitently under-paid, fired, and walked all over.

In short, don’t believe all that Aly McBeal B.S. you see on T.V. Also, if you’re in law school, take all that crap your professors been telling you about ethics and try and forget it. The real world is no place for it. If you’re getting into law because you want to help people, change society, etc., get the hell out unless you have a trust fund; your not going to make any money.

One more thing, if you’re a study-all-the-time, make good grades, don’t cut class type, you’re going to be in for a shock when you enter the real world.