slave to an Osteopath…cleaner in the UK

I got myself a cleaning job. The hours were great, just perfect. It was working for a Osteopath she worked from home.

When I came towards the end of my cleaning I asked, Where do you keep the mop? She said oh I don’t like mops. Am afraid you will have to get on your hands and knees and use a floor cloth am afraid. I thought to myself if I don’t stick this out for two weeks I won’t get paid. Well at the end of Three days I had just about had enough. I was just sick of her nit picking. Other places I had worked gave me fantastic references, saying I was the best cleaner they have ever had. She treated cleaners like somethink she trod in. She gave me no respect at all.

That evening I phoned her up and told her I was leaving, and told her the truth why. I also ask about my wages I am entiteled to. Well she said you leave without any warning and expect to be paid. Later the phone rang and it was her. She said can you come and see me tommorrow. I said yes. Next day she said where did you put the rubbish? I said where I normally put it outside by the door. Well she said one of my dogs ripped open the bags and choked on a chicken bone. I had to take it to the vet last night. You want to be paid, your wages can go towards my vet bills. I know she is lying about the dog, but it would just not be worth going to court for my wages for £36. But I do feel very angry as I worked so hard for money I did not get.