Sanding for Londons Nouveau riche

I was painting and decorating…but in practice, all I did was sanding down. It was very boring and I only did it for 6 days. All I did was sanding down…On the first day I came home with sanded down finger tips and realized that I needed a better pair of gloves.

I tried a variety of sanding utilities, none of which worked as well as proper sandpaper. I was paid cash in hand and the money was ok and 6 days was almost enough to pay for my summer holiday that year. It was a cheap summer holiday.

Well I guess it was interesting…It was in London and I got to see different sides of houses that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We worked on this huge house in Putney where there was like this real stereotype nouveau riche businessman and graphic designer, his wife, and 2 spoiled brat kids which kept on coming in and being annoying….That was the worst part of the job, actually. I’m lying.

It was terrible because you couldn’t let your mind wander. It took all your attention so you couldn’t just drift off and think about something else. I hated it. After 6 days, I was thinking of giving up anyways because the work was just appalling. The guy just said that they had someone else then. We were just covering….helping out for a bit of cash. He said they had enough people for the next week.