Software Developer………sheer incompetence

I was a…god what was I?…C++/MTS/VMS developer. I surfed the web on a day to day
basis..<laughs>..all server side development. In Munich.

Before this, I was a VB/Access developer for a Digital. I got the job through
contacts…the old boys network.

I took it because it seemed like a good idea at the time and the money was good. The
technology sounded interesting.

I did it for 9 months. I kept doing it because I signed a 9 month contract…that was 9
months too long.

We had no control over the design and the design was all wrong. There was no
communication with management and they seemed to have no experience with developing
software. Everything they did was wrong and it was really frustrating.

Socially it was good…the guys I worked with were good fun. We used to drink a lot.
There was a gym nearby. It’s hard to think of things I liked about it. It paid the highest
rate I’ve ever had, but still not enough to make me stay.

I quit because software development is hard enough when done the right way and arguing
with deadlines/designs which we had no control over was too frustrating. For example, my 9
month project was supposed to be done in 4 weeks. I was lucky that another tech job came
up in Munich, but I’d rather have been unemployed anyway.

My immediate manager was good…but he had no control over anything either…but the
management in England was the most incompetent bunch of fucks I’ve ever been around in my
whold life.

In 5 years, I’ll probably be in Australia doing a lot of windsurfing and not much

In 30 years, I’d like to see the same…maybe I’ll be doing sailing instead.