Unhappy Staff Assistant and Happy CNA in ONE

I work as a staff assistant and making over $60,000. I have been with the government for over 20 yrs. Although I like the security that the government used to have, I am very unhappy about my progress. I have worked with 4 different agencies within the 20 years, and have had about 12 different positions. I am currently in a position that is boring and not to rewarding; even though, the pay isn’t too bad.

When I asked for work, I always feel regret from having done so, for I am given file folders to purge or to put in boxes, so they can go to the records center. Working at the agency I am with is just a big joke. I have received 2 promotions since I’ve been with this agency, and I have been here for 3 yrs and 4 mos now. I am now to the point that I am afraid of asking for what, for what I might get. I am now in the process of looking for another job outside the agency.

I work as a CAN on the weekend. I really love the job. I work in an assistant living facility and do private duty. My client is a beautiful spirit old woman. I also like caring for the elderly, for it gives me a sense of feeling useful. I have worked part time as a CAN for 5 yrs and as each year goes by, I feel happy that I am a CAN. I can’t believe a job that pays $10.00 an hour can be more rewarding that a job that pays $29.00 an hour.

I know what I have to do is to find that week day job that makes me happy.