Getting Out of Nursing After 3 Years

I have been in nursing for over 3-decades now. I originally went to a Diploma School of Nursing. When I went to get my BSN, most of my credits were not accepted in a University setting. By the time I got my Bachelor of Science in Nursing I was told I needed to get a Master’s Degree. So I spent the time away from my family and spent a lot of money and got my Master’s Degree. Now I am being told that I am over qualified! But needing to work took one of the jobs I was “overqualified” for. Now that I want to get into management again I am being told no because I stepped “down” and it looks “too suspicious.”

So you want to know why there is a nursing shortage? People that really care cannot get the jobs. Everything has to be perfect or the profession throws you out the door and lets someone 10-15 years your junior have the position you worked so hard for.

I am getting out! Yes at the age of fifty something I am giving up the profession that I love but cannot practice as it should be, in a CARING manner!!!!!!!