Mickey D’s… its a great first job….fast food worker

I am a college student and have worked at McDonalds for four years. My store consists mainly of the younger crowd so it is lots of fun to work. I started working the summer after my freshman year of h.s. and I have worked my way up to shift manager. I love my crew and McDonald’s is one of the most fun places to work in my town. I love speed so my favorite places to be are in DT or grill, and I love the customers. They know that the crew at Mickey D’s can get a little excited sometimes but they enjoy the excitement. I could not really say where I want to be in 5 years. Heck I told myself I would quit McDonald’s after high school, but this is such a fun job and it has lots of perks. I work in a small town in Chillicothe, Missouri but I have also worked in the stores in Cameron and Trenton, which are owned by the same owner/operators.

The only thing that bothers me about my job is that as a manager I have to deal with all the customer complaints and can’t push it off on someone else. Most of the people that complain do not understand that we are working our butts off to get them fast and friendly service and hot food, but sometimes it is hard.