Actually kinda fun……remover of dead bodies

T’yeah…..don’t laugh. Actually it was kind of fun. Seeing death in the face never really bothered me. Until we went to a suicide in some apt. The cops’ black humor was pretty gauche.

Other times we picked up ‘floaters’ out of the river! My gawd!

Other folks jump from high places and we had to , well, hmmmmm just imagine.

The money was good, actually, compared to my shitty landscaping job (double) and we wore suits and drove vans at very high speeds and felt semi-official in some regards.

other days passed uneventfully….playing cards at the clubhouse surrounded by 100 caskets and kapock.

My boss was certified psycho and I swear it was just a matter of time before he crashed the van killing us all. Speeds of 160km/hr were his normal speed.

After a while the excitement wore off. Found an old man who put a rifle to his heart in his kids bedroom, that kind of thing.

I went sailing in California when I quit and had some good stories for friends.

One house we went to the lady was on the bed, dead, and we lifted her mattress and saw tens of thousands in hard cash! What a crazy job.